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    Thought I would let you know that I found a great pop up blocker, and yes it is really free:D It is called " Pop Up No No" and you can get it the site, or

    Also another good "cookie remover" is Ad Aware 6.0 Which can also be found at the same above site!

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    good info. Think if I see that ugly pimply-faced girl on that classmates ad/popup one more time i'm gonna punch my monitor *LOL*.


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      I still like the google toolbar best for blocking popups, especially when your somewhere that popup NEED to come up. Like PM's here or stuff on eBay. is what it is...


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        Here is the site for that pop up blocker

        One of the easiest that I have used so far. Also you can disable it temporarily by double clicking on the icon in the lower right hand corner of the computer screen.


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          Well, I still like Google. It senses when 'good' pop-up is trying to come thru and tell you to hit the control button if you want to let it come up.
 is what it is...


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            Thanks for the site for Pop Up No No.
            We were just talking about how bad the pop ups have gotten lately. Can't hardly read email without constantly having to close pop ups.
            I'm going to download Pop Up No No tonight....and say GOODBYE to pop ups!!!!


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              Norton Internet Security comes with Personal Firewall, Antivirus, and a few utilities including an ad blocker. It doesn't work on ALL pop-ups but it can be "trained" by dragging an ad to its "ad trashcan". The firewall will then block any incoming code from that adserver. In fact, most ads that appear on webpages only appear on my browser as an ad-sized blank box.

              There are lots of tricky ways advertisers are using to fight through blockers and firewalls. The big game is to get their content to your eyes. Whether or not you ever buy, as long as they've done that they still get to snicker at you and say, "We won!" That's why I'd like to erase them from humanity.
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              Wakalapi's $49 unlimited phone service


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                Riverwoman Chi Migwetch for the program.
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                Traditional Use, Not Misuse
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                  I like the one on Google toolbar, plus you get the search engine with it or vice versa, you can hide all the other options with it if you want also. But iz a kick azz site got alot of freebies from them. Firewall, anti virus, all kinds of good shty.
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                    I like Adsubtract Pro 3. It gets rid of my popups, lets me clean my cookies/temp files/history, etc. As well as blocks those damned Windows Messenger ads.

                    I agree about the Adaware however. Great lil spyware tool, it's my baby :D

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                      i downloaded pop up no no :NoNo ........ i'm all sittin here waitin on the pop-ups .. :Chatter


                      • #12
                        Between the firewall, adsubtract,google toolbar, and adaware
                        put the crunch on popups. Generally not so bad here, but everywhere else, and those damn little graybox popups. Sad when you have to run these to get online,but when the only way you can get on without the hassles.


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