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resizing pictures for the gallery

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  • resizing pictures for the gallery

    I need help! Im trying to size my pictures for the gallery and i cant figure it out. What am I doing wrong?
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    If you want to e mail them to me I'll do it for you. :) In the subject just mention photos for resize or something so i know it's you. ;)
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      Thanks Mato!
      Will you post them for me? Whats your email?
      Life is more than what we see...


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        Sometimes with some of Microsoft's Operating Systems your computer comes equipped w/a good one. Its called Microsoft Photo Editor. If you're not sure if you have it or not do a search on your C: drive (Program Files) for photoed.exe.

        You can always download ACDSEE. Its my fave picture editor.

        I also use Adobe Photoshop its a heavier application and a lil more complicated but both very good!

        Like Mato said if anyone is interested I resize pics too. Just PM me. :)
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          Thanks Super!:)
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            i had the same problem
            if you have microsoft photo editor... open up the pic & right click to see the properties.... i don't recall the size it has to be to upload a pix... but it'll tell you on when you try to load it.

            also, if you can get a hold of adobe photoshop it's an excellent program - like super said! the quality of the pix is much better and it's a fairly easy pgrm to use - just havta mess around w/it.

            but if ya need help, pm me.. and i'll help ya out.
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