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  • Between Screen changes takes too long

    :Thinking How come it takes forever for the screen to change each time I go somewhere?

    Is your server slower these days?! It's only this site I am having technical melt down. :coocoo:
    If there ain't soccer in heaven ~ I ain't going!!

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    I'd guess by what you say, that your a dialup user (as am I).

    It could be you need to clean your cookies/temp files/etc....Defrag your system, or it could be that you are visiting the site when there is alot of traffic, which I'm guessing is the reason since you say this is the only site that does it to you.

    How to Fix: There is no real way to fix the problem if it's because of traffic on the site, unless you come on here around 3:30 AM or what not. I'd do that though, just to see if that was the issue.

    Hope that helped ya out, Much love!

    Goretex Designz


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      MUCH LOVE? MAN! what do I need to do in order to get that much attention in here?


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        hehe, Much Love is the way I usually end a message (Unless I'm tired, or I don't wanna give that person no love). Tonight, most of my stuff wasn't "Much Love" cause I'm a bit sleepy. But tonight, I am gonna do something a lil special right now, somthing that I don't usually do....


        Muchhhhh Love!


        Goretex Designz


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          how do you enable cookies.
          :) Eyes_of_the_Wolves ;)


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            Originally posted by Eyes_of_the_Wolves
            how do you enable cookies.

            Go to top of page and finde usercp. Double click go to
            Edit options and click. scroll down and you will find enable cookies-clock yes. Scroll down to submit and click.


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              well before i get on the internet i delete all the cookies 1st
              i delete them everyday...''lol well i was on my moms computer and she does not clean her computer and man was her computer ever slow so what i did was deleted the cookies and i went on to the internet and it was alright was not slow any more sorry 4 the long story ...''lol k bye


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