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Powwows session keeps timing out!!

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  • Powwows session keeps timing out!!

    Help!!!!!!!! Why do I keep getting logged out of powwows??? It's starting to get annoying. I log on... browse around the Virtual Gathering area... and next thing you know... I don't see any threads anymore........ soooooooooooo I have to log in AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. I have used both Netscape and IE. Both end up the same. My powwows session won't keep me logged in. Anyone else having this problem???
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    ok, could be due to several things. First you on windows clear you cookies, Delete files and clear history under Internet options.
    Now you on dialup, or DSL what? Could unfortunately have a slow connection, and have seen DSL have certain Issues.Also you could be hitting server at real busy times. try at times
    that not peak times(real early morning,real late night) to see if that better.If we know more maybe we can offer more advice.


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