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  • Friend using a friend's computer

    Hi, I am not Nino, but use her computer when ever I stay here.

    I log into her computer using my own username, and my own password.

    When ever I come to this site, it recognizes me as her (just like now). I don't think she wants me posting as her, b/c we have different views on things, and she might not want me having access to her private messages etc.

    I would like to join as a member, but it always thinks I am her. How can I be on here as me, and not her?

    Hope this makes since, b/c I am already computer challenged as it is...

    Thanks, Linda

    No one "makes us" feel anything, we choose to feel, act, and react the way we do. ~~Nino's Philosophy

    I am not the Creator and therefore cannot "save" anyone. The path one walks is between the individual and the creator; not to be judged by me. ~TurtleWoman

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    Yea it worked! I told you I was "computer challenged," boy do I feel stupid. Nino came home, and showed me what to do...

    I won't tell you what else I had done to her computer, oops, hope she can fix it all before she has to do homework.
    If not I might be on asking for more help.

    Thanks anyways
    All things are possible...


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