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How do i get those cute avitars??

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  • How do i get those cute avitars??

    hello and greetings!
    im so new here, i lost my name and id and found them but anyways, i would like to know how to get those cute little avitars on the list? So many things in here i dont undetstand yet.Help!!!:Cry I guess it'll take time... Still help please!!!
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    To get the ones on the list, go to User CP, and find avitars in your profile. To get a custom one, you need posts, to earn points so you can afford one...

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      how many points to I need to afford a custom avatar???????
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        ya'll gonna ruin my reputation and make everybody think I nice by answering here:D ;) :Angel: now after 25 posts you can go to user cp at top of page. From there go to edit options and click. At bottom click cjange avatar and from there pick out 1 you like. After you get 5000 points you can find you a custom avatar you like(75 pixelsby 75pixels)save it to your computer, go thru back to change avatar and pick custom avatar,browse and find where you saved it and upload. Bam, there it is. Any more questions when you get your 5000 points, just ask.


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          well i thought if after u get 75 posts u can get a custom avatar i did


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