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    Anybody using a linux operating system? Looking at RedHat, to see if I like it.


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    Never used it myself, but I have heard there is a GUI that acts like Windows. Sheesh wish I could remember which one was being recommended.... some people love it, and others hate it:p


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      WINE.... packages that you can download from Linux... on words from my brother


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        I have never once used Linux, allthough I'm very interested in learning it, just haven't got around to installing it yet.

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          2 good places to start. You can also find (usually)Linux users groups. These groups have their own websites w/information and mailing lists that you can sign up for to learn more about Linux. These same groups have monthly meetings and often have free software available, and where you can hook uo puter and they will help you install and get working. Some even dual boot with Windows and Linux so you can go back and forth between the 2. Linux basically a text based OS though, but you can also run AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Instant Messenger and possibly Yahoo on it.

          Just don't try to download one of their operating systems unless you have DSL, Cable Modem or T3 with a fast computer.


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            Just as an FYI, runs on a Linux server.
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              :D Do what? You teasing me? I think we need to have a little talk.
              Got RedHat 7x and downloading 9 and want to partiton to install and dual boot.


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                Never installed it. When I started leasing the server it was installed and configured. Of course I've had to upgrade it several times.

                If you are looking for a Linux Desktop OS check out this:

                New to the site--Introduce Yourself

                Find a Pow Wow Near You!


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                  Well i use Linux Mandriva 10.0 Powerpack and i like it and of course the tuxes :))

                  Hm looking what*s coming up to me


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                    SuSE 9.3

                    SuSE 9.3 is very easy to use. Although, it's gonna cost you $100 to get it from CompUSA. Novell bought them out recently and have or will be increasing support for devices, etc.

                    Redhat requires some upfront knowledge, but there are some good books on the subject. Plus it's free to download. But nothing is for free. You're going to need to spend time learning Linux OS.

                    The KDE Graphical User Interface is very much Windows-like and offers some different features.

                    I recommend learning it, not many people have Unix experience and there is a need for Linux Administrators out in the world.
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                      Linux-linux has lots of good versions out there,you just have to find 1 you like and what you going to do with it.I have Mandrake 10.0 on this computer,but on my servers I use Debian with an Apachie server.1 thing someone can do is find the nearest Linux user group and get on their mailing list. You can go to and find the link for user groups and click and go thru and find the one nearest you. I am on 3 mailing list and all 34 groups have install fests ever so often and you can get just about any of the major versions of Linux installed free,and most times come away with free software.Course most times they got the preverbial coffee cup out for donations to help pay for the blank cd's they burn to for free software,pay the electric,etc,but it worth the 2 to 5 bucks you can kick in to help.
                      If you have problems finding something on or want to know more about user groups PM me with the area you in and I try to help as much as I can.


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