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  • Sasser

    Has anyone other than myself caught this virus? Damn it's pissing me off!!!
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    Got it on the laptop at home yesterday--don't seem to have it at the office--yet. In between it shutting down my laptop I was finally able to get out to microsoft and get the security updates for XP Pro. I just got this laptop and already it's giving me fits! Hopefully, I've got it whipped now. crossing fingers.


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      whats it do?
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        2 of the best antivirus programs are AVG from grisoft, and Nortons. Try em,you'll like em.

        Hey Tipi Tender- grumpy old cuss said you hollerd. Hi D-J :)


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          smoke signal coming your way....

          Blessings to JYD and ALL his kin!

          Glad you are well, drop me a line sometime, if you want. One thing I've learned as I got OLDer :), one can't have too many friends, one can have too few.....take care...
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            Originally posted by billyjoejimbob
            whats it do?
            Well, everything was fine Saturday. But when I logged on Sunday it started to do what my 'puter did the time that awful virus came through last fall. I kept getting these messages saying my system was going to shut down in 49-48-47... seconds and there wasn't a damn thing I could do to stop it. Then I'd reboot and I'd get this message about some kind of 'shell'. I'm not a techie--this is all Greek to me, too. Suffice it to say I almost threw my new Dell Inspiron 1100 right out the damn window! Took me two hours of trying to download patches and security updates and I'm still not sure if it is fixed or not. I'll find out tonite :)


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              Originally posted by billyjoejimbob
              whats it do?
              It just shuts your computer down over and over and over. Where I work we aren't allowed to fix our own problems thats what the computer tech are for, sooooo here I am waiting, day two for someone to come in and download a patch for this crap. The bright side is I get a break every 15 minutes...LOL
              I am only a mixed up purebreed mutt....1/8 Cherokee, 1 drop Shoshone, 1/16 German, 1/16 Irish, a handfull of unknown, and a few parts Hillbilly, mix and shake well...


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                Now for the Dell of Tipi Tender-see you have a sytem restore CD. This should take computer back to original manufactures settingsd,wiping everything else clean. Then just reinsatll your other software. may be a pain to do,but should clear up any problems,then just get your updates and patches. Or I could FedEx you the help to do it-ya just got to feed him :) ;)

                Heinz57 what are you running Windows wise?


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                  If anyone gets Sasser, PM me. I'll send you a tool that will kill it instantly. If u know its sasser. (error message should say something like an error with the program LSass.exe in you System32 directory. Application will terminate.)


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                    If you want something free, go to McAfee's website and download a program called Stinger. It runs very quickly and should get rid of sasser, all the infected files, and those effed up little proxy files as well.
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                      They got what you need for sasser- it free,quick and works-guaranteed.

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