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    Well today I offically got down pretty close to my weight and body fat percentage and called my recruiter. I've set up a time to do the ASVAB in a few weeks, and then paperwork, and on to MEPS from there. So I've still got a lot of time to get well under my weight/body fat percentage.

    I'm joining the US Navy Reserves. Well as far as my political views toward Iraq/Afghanistan, Bush, etc- that can be saved for another post or thread or whatever. I am hoping to pass my experience on to those on this board who may be interested in the same thing. (And please... I've heard "why are you going to fight for Bush?" So many times it has lost all meaning).

    The Navy has an APG (Advanced Pay Grade) program for those with specialized skills to join the Navy Reserves at a higher rate- like E-4 (those military minded people already know what I mean). Of course how much you make, and how many stripes you'll have coming in depends on your experience, education, etc. Having already been a Paramedic for four years I get to come in as an E-4 Hospital Corpsman.

    Through research and talking with other Corpsmen at the local Reserve Center I'm going to be an 8404 FMF (Fleet Marine Force) Corpsman. As many may or may not know, the USMC is under the Navy, and relies on the Navy for medical support.

    After I'm enlisted (I'll post my experiences with signing my contract, MEPS, and the Oath for later threads). I have to go through Navy boot-camp at Great Lakes, IL within 12 months of enlistment. For APG Reservist- we get to go to a 17 day camp.

    I think this program works out great for individuals who want to serve, but are leary about taking several months off of work at a time for training. I was originally interested in the USMC- but 13 weeks at Paris Island, and however many weeks at the School of Infantry, and however many weeks at my MOS school would have been too much of a burden for my work schedule. The Army would have been pretty much the same way. I'm glad about using a skill that I'm pretty good at as a civilian.

    If anyone has any comments, please let me know.
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    sooo um... congrats? *L*

    You know as an ex reservist/guardsman its never really one weekend a month and two weeks a year. I know that every year towards the end of the year they offered man days and kinda expected anyone to work. Course you could say no but when it came to other opportunities those that worked those extra days were given first dibs... besides that there's tons of opportunities to take TDY for like 30 + days somewhere which is a good idea to take advantage of. You get to travel and get paid for it. Also, when u put in extra time u get promoted faster and get to know everyone a lot better.

    um... good luck w/everything!

    MEPS is funnnnnn hahaha jk
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      Good Luck to You!

      All the best to you, Smokeater! I remember taking the ASVAB test YEARS ago! Did the E-4 in the regular Navy. I hope Great Lakes has improved since then... San Diego, though, was the bestest!

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        Good Luck man!!! Just remember one thing when you get to your unit.......take care of my Marines......they do need you......

        Semper Fidelis!!!!!

        ...And shephards we shall be. For thee my lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from thy hand. That our feet may swiftly carry out thy command. So we shall flow a river forth to thee. And teeming with souls shall it ever be. E Nomini Patri, E Fili, E Spiritu Sancti.


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          Originally posted by superndngyrl

          MEPS is funnnnnn hahaha jk

          you are a funny one aren't you, superndngirl.....
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            You will be OK, specially If you already have experience in this field. If you are a nurse with one year degree, you should be an E-5 after 6 months. I was Army reserve for 9 years and did Retention for a combat support hospital in new England, and we arranged for that for 2 peeps coming in, and they got there buck sergeant stipers real quick. The only problem with that would be that, as a Sergeant, you need to lead, and train the other troopies. And without the military experience, it Just aint possible. So you are looking good so far with the Initial enlistment as an E-4.
            Dont forget though, you are making a commitment, and like supendngyrl stated, Its more than what they say about one weekend a month and 2 weeks annual training per year. But don't let that deter you away from this decision, My advise to you would be, keep your a$$ down, your head to the ground, and your gear tucked in tight around you!!!!!
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              Good luck DOC!

              I have the highest respect for Navy corpsmans, because they do their job as well as train just like the Marines. Trust me, you'll do fine, but I have very high expectations for you. The best advice I can give you is get qualified, get it right away, and you won't get any ragging. You will get down and dirty, there's no place for slackers especially in combat. Do everything you can to get your pins and study.

              Boot camp is like summer camp. You'll laugh about it the day you start training with the Marines, that's for sure. Grown man will cry because they have to get up early...............but you, enlisting to be a DEVIL DOC.........I got only got good praises for you, because you have the brass to take that initiative.

              Good luck once again.
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                Congrats and goodluck. If the APG program is anything like the DCO program, its a biiiiiiaaaaatch to get into. Gotta be one of the best to get into it.


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                  Hey Donnie, Congrats to you my friend. As you know, I was in the Marine Corps for 11 1/2 years. I enjoyed every minute of it and cried every day once I was out. You'll enjoy every aspect of serving and working with the Worlds Finest. I'm very proud of you Dude. I'll make sure that we sing a few songs for you. :flag: :marching: :marching: :american: :american:
                  Through the good times and bad times, always pray.


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                    Hey,I just got back from Great Lakes yesterday actually. I went to see my brother graduate from div. 269. It was..interesting. And weird..i love my brother for who he is and im glad hes making his own choices,but at the same time my views on the military and the government are quite different to his. I was pretty opposed to it at first but i shut my mouth,maybe its the best for him. But id just like u to know,coming from someone who isnt a supporter of war/military/bush proud of u for making ur own decisions,and i dont think of u as someone 'fighting for Bush'. I think the humanity of all of these guys and girls out there has been lost to most people. Thats my brother out there,how dare they tell me hes a gung-ho idiot,or a murderer,they didnt grow up with him everyday for 18 years. So dont let those people bother u,though it looks like u have it under control. Sending good spirits ur way,gvgeui brother.

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                      Well I talked to my recruiter, and I take the ASVAB on Thursday. There they are also going to put the tape on me to see if I can squeak into under the maximum allowable Body Fat Percentage. I've already threatened them to march across the hall to the USMC recruiting office because my weight is down enough to let me in ;)

                      So hopefully I can get the ball rolling this week. I will keep everyone posted.
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                        Best of Luck!

                        Best of luck to you buddy! I have to admit, there was a time where I kind of snickered when it came to viewing our Corpsman, they were always in the HumV's when we were on our humps(A hump is when ya throw your 60pd pack and you go on a nice little 15 - 20 mile hike), some of them would hump with us but the majority of them would just catch a ride. It wasn't until I went out to Bridgeport and did the summer package for the Mountain Warefare Training School that I gained my respect for you guys. We had this one Doc, that was kind of out of shape and we all thought he wasn't going to be able to hang. But hell if he didn't prove us all wrong, he was huffing and puffing but he was with us every step of the way!!!
                        With your work back ground you shouldn't have a problem and that Corpsman shool that you are going to be going to, is no joke from what I hear! So just hang in there and stay tuff. The one thing I will always carrry with me that I learned from my time in the Corps is that whenever you think you have just given your all, you come to realize that instead of giving that 100% you still had 110% left in you and that is all you'll need to carry you through! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and the rest of your buddy and mind will soon follow suit.
                        So good luck to you and take care of those DEVIL DOGS!
                        SEMPER FI!
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                          Oh yeah, one other thing, when your with your Marines, do them a favor and teach them how to give IV's and other little things....believe me, when you get out in the world, you're gonna be glad you have that many extra people who know how to do that.....I'm sure glad my Corpsman had taught me those things, I'm no doc, but I can hang with the best of them when it comes to first aid.......

                          ...And shephards we shall be. For thee my lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from thy hand. That our feet may swiftly carry out thy command. So we shall flow a river forth to thee. And teeming with souls shall it ever be. E Nomini Patri, E Fili, E Spiritu Sancti.


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                            Originally posted by 50calNDN
                            Oh yeah, one other thing, when your with your Marines, do them a favor and teach them how to give IV's and other little things

                            Interesting that you should say that.... When I first became a Paramedic I was GREEN when it came to IV skills. I had trouble with veins rolling, blowing, and hiding. The best trick I learned in anchoring a vein and looking for hidden veins came from a strung out Heroin addict in the back of my bus. I never had too much trouble since then.
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                              your fellow soldiers will be lucky to have you there for them... anyone who can do what you can do will be worth their weight in gold (so hey, maybe it ain't so bad to be squeakin' at the weight limit - lol!) and your experience will make you the one to turn to when the goin' gets rough. May God bless you and keep you safe!


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