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  • chickendad
    It has only been 6 months since I left the Big CatBox. I hope things have changed and they are really caring about their future. I did many missions with them and I would be surprised to find it different. But then again I was up north where the Kurds really want their own piece of the pie, so feelings could be different from where you are. Only the future will tell. Keep your head down and come home safe.

    Semper Fi
    2nd ID
    Punish the Deserving

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  • Ndnsoldierboy
    This is my 4th time in this part of the world...been there and done that and gave away my shirts...When you were here, it was different, now things have changed since you have been gone. I'm here now btw, and the IA's are standing their ground. True these people live by their code and not ours, but family and their tribe is all these people have in the end...We can not push our ideals on these people and expect them too change because we think we are right, cause they have their own minds to make up. In the end, they will take over and we'll be gone to let them run their own government.

    I for one, I'm glad I a glad I'm here...

    Infantry Lifer on my 4th combat tour...

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  • chickendad
    started a topic To Be or Not To Be

    To Be or Not To Be

    The question of to be in Iraq, or not to be in Iraq. I am of the Cherokee people. I served in the USMC back in the early 80's as a grunt. Now I'm a proud member of the Virginia Army National Guard. I have already been to Iraq. I did many patrols in and around the northern city of Mosul. I was there when they blew up the chow hall and we lost soldiers just trying to eat their chow. I did many patrols and missions with the Iraqi National Guard which is what they are calling their military force. While pulling OP's and ambushes they would go to sleep. Before missions some would be known to go over to the other side. To most of them it was a job and not a job worth dying for. Their loyalty is to their religious leaders, their tribe, or their village( city, or region) leaders. They don't have a sense of national pride because they have been split for generations. So if we think they are going to come together now is stupid. If we leave we take the chance terrorists will attack us at home. But if all our intell would work they shouldn't have an easy target. If we stay American military personel will keep dying. I for one feel we shouldn't let anymore die for what I feel and most who have been there feel is not worth dying for because they the Iraqi's don't feel it's worth dying for.

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