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  • born into war

    people say indians cannot amout to anything but there all wrong indians can become anything they want look at some navajo and the apaches they were codes talkers and they died to keep uc from harm but you know what us indinas or at least us apaches we were born to fight endure pain and not to complain as we went along in life and i plain on join the marines "THE FEW THE PROUD THE NATIVES AND THE MARINES" thats what i think respect and take love in your culture

    ~~~~apache pride thats how we ride ~~~~

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    The news doesn't mention anything that Natives do unless it's bad. There's more to Native history than most know. For years when the U.S. would do a cenus and if your family didn't live on a Res. You could only claim white. So for years the real number of Natives wasn't know. Now when cenuses are do they list Native American as a group to check. As for the military, I'm a former Marine and I would check all the services and see which one meets your needs. They all have something to offer. Marines offer a sense of belonging to a proud and long history. The Army has a history but also offers more military schools like Airborn, Air Assault, Sniper, that isn't MOS important. The Navy and Air Force seem to offer more tech jobs that could be useful for the future job market. So check with your heart and your brain.


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