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If your state's not on this list contact your goverment >

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  • If your state's not on this list contact your goverment >

    W. Va.
    Google your states goverment and send a e-mail
    to all your local Senators and Repersentives
    requesting a law againist protesters at
    Military funerals. I did!
    Courage is just fear that has said it's prayers.

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    now theres a law worth passing, glad to see my state is listed, Mo. usually one of the last on the bandwagon lol
    Please visit
    "The truth shall set you free, but first it's gonna piss you off a whole lot".


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      you gotta be effed up to protest at ANY funeral or memorial event.

      If protesters showed up at a funeral i was at, their funeral would be the last one they attend. And I will not protest at it.

      People take advantage of being FREE.
      There are 2 types of people in the world...
      Really stupid people who think they are smart
      Really smart people who think they are smart.


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        If you know of anyone in need of help with protesters, contact the Patriot Guard Riders. We're a motorcycle group that will come at a families request for any fallen hero. We're non violent, there to support the families in any way they need. It was started when some soldiers funnerals were being protested by a religious group who feels it is God's will that the soldiers are dieing because our country supports homosexuality. The Patriot Guards don't care what anyones religious, political, race, sexual, or whatever backing you believe, we want to support the soldiers. It doesn't even have to be from Iraq or Afgan wars. We will come to any old timer whose family wishes it. Just type in Patriot Guard Riders and search


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          I will be the first to admit I do not support the policies of this administration, or the lies compiled that sent our brothers and sisters to war in Afghanistan and Iraq... but the men and women who are in those far away places laying their lives on the line and doing their duty have my respect.

          I am not a big fan of any policy that will lead to loss of any life, but to protest someone that has died for doing their job and has made the ultimate sacrifice and then harrass those that are left behind and mouring the one who has passed is vile and inreprehensible. They have to think that if their roles were reversed, how would it feel to be treated this same way... it is sickening.

          I may not agree with the policies or the administration, but these men and women stepped up to do their job when called. Now they are sacrificing their lives and will return to our communities changed forever as a result of what they have been through. These men and women have my respect. My father answered the call during the Vietnam War, even though he never served in country, he served and was harrassed by people that thought he had, called names and spit on, but he did his job whenever and wherever called, and has my respect. My grandfather served in Italy and North Africa with Patton in WWII in the tank corps, he did his job whenever and wherever called, he has my respect, and so it goes back in my family for generations all the way back to the French and Indian War as far as I am aware when members of my family allied in defense of our homes and people laying their lives on the line so that our people could survive.

          Our veterans are dear to us, they have answered the call in every conflict ever seen on the soil of this continent. To slight their performance of their duties because you may not agree with the purposes behind their deployment and harrass the ones they have left behind is DISGUSTING!!!

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