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  • Someone should be shot

    As a combat vet, I feel someone should be shot for leaving 3 young soldiers alone at a check point in Iraq. For one thing a fire team is 4 soldiers. One thing we learned in Iraq is never sit in one spot for longer than 20 minutes because the Hajgi in on the cell phone telling his buddies where you are. We never went anywhere without at least 3 combat vehicles, and they were to stay together at all times. Should have been at least a squad with a QRF ready at the drop of a hat. The highest ranking soldier involved with that 3 man team was a E-4. No offense with anyone being an E-4, because in the Corps an E-4 could be a squad leader. But for the Army today, that could be too inexperienced. Who's going to tell their family what a big mistake that was. Those soldiers should never have went thru the torture that happened to them. Somebody should pay.

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    Yeah, but it won't be the person who made them sitting ducks. Unfortunely.
    Courage is just fear that has said it's prayers.


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