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Operation "Free" IRAQ : Yes or No? We want to know

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  • Operation "Free" IRAQ : Yes or No? We want to know

    So all my fellow powwowers are you for the war :clap: or against it :NoNo ?

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    Does it matter? they are already over there fighting.
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      Do you remember Viatnam, Well it was the peace movement that brought our troops home.


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        There's a thread like this under War Discussion in Chit Chat...
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          But for the record...

          I'm against it...
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            I am a Vet. and would be willing come out of retirement to help in any way I could. My political views are not important at this point.

            I don't believe we as the United States should show weakness by allowing terrorist to attack this part of the world. This war could have been prevented if the Saddam would have just paid attention.


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              I don't agree with the war but support the troops who have little choice in fighting it.


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                Big Corporations don't care about our sons' and daughters dying over there, Cause its all about the profits. I'm against the War I support our Troops and I want them to come home. I don't want to see anybody die over money.

                What do you all think about the fact that Dick Cheney's Halaburton has just recently won the contract to rebuild the damaged Oil refineries that will be affected in this war????


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                  Are You For or Against the War?

                  I am against the war, but I definitely support our troops.


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                    You mean "Operation Free Iraq So Oil Prices Go Down And George Bush's Stock Doesnt Plummett"?
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                    Really stupid people who think they are smart
                    Really smart people who think they are smart.


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                      Originally posted by billyjoejimbob
                      You mean "Operation Free Iraq So Oil Prices Go Down And George Bush's Stock Doesnt Plummett"?
                      that's the only operation I know of....
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                        Wouldn't a good ol' fashion Bone and Stick Game have solved everything?

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                          Against the war, but support the troops.
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                            personally think US should take over canada and their diamond mines up north. Make diamond rings get cheaper. Plus theres alot of wood up there and clear water too. One US airborne division is bigger than the whole canadian military so it wouldnt be a problem.


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                              not for war or against it but if it wasnt for wars i would be out of a job
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