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  • chickendad
    started a topic Are we?

    Are we?

    Are we really doing as good as the government says we are in Iraq? This is my third time here and things are really the same. Yes the violence is down, but why is it down. Is it something we have done or something else. For someone who has worked in law enforcement in the civilian world, I see it as the two main gangs here in Iraq have each gotten the turf they want for now so there's no need to fight until we leave. They pretty much have run off the other side from their area. But soon they will fignt to get more turf. Could it be like the VC in Vietnam and they are now just not chosing to fight, sitting back and waiting until they decide to fight. Most fighting over here is started by something they do first anyway. We are more reactive here than pro-active in the fight. This will be my last time. I haven't really seen any need for us to be here anymore. It really seems to be more about money for peace than anything. We pay the local leaders not to fight, or to fight against the other factions. Money to KBR and other countries contractors. Money to vaious Iraq's. This will only be won if they decide they want peace and freedom. The South Vietnam people didn't want to fight for it and we lost over 58,000 before we realized it was time to go. We really need to look at the real picture of the Iraqi people who say they are fighting. Are they fighting for freedom, or for a paycheck because there's no other jobs here for them. I for one think it's time to go.

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    A conundrum may be puzzling or confusing--but-- this makes REAL sense!!!

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    I don't know about you but I don't have any investments...
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