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International Weapon Inspectors in the U.S.

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  • International Weapon Inspectors in the U.S.

    While the U.S. military personnel searched for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, an international team of weapons inspectors began touring the United States to draw attention to America's stockpile of WMDs.
    The Rooting Out Evil coalition ( says the U.S. satifies all of President Bush's criteria for a dangerous state: it has a stockpile of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons; it has refused to sign and honor international treaties; it has ignored United Nations directives; and its leader was NOT elected by popular vote.

    Go Bush, nothing like being a good example/leader
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    great post MissGolightly. I wasn't all that surprised. Jeez the U.S is such a hyprocrite.

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      Awesome site! I am already printing out those stickers! Drop Bush, not Bombs!
      Got percap?


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        I hope they don't enter Canada. I don't want dem buggers inspecting my weapon.


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          I don't think that the Air Force is going to let anyone actually walk into one of their misslie silos....if you think that, then you are smoking something unauthorized. And probably get shot, or arrested or both.

          When I was stationed in Hawaii from 1998-2001, I met some U.S. soldiers who were from the Johnston Atoll, an island which is about 200 miles south of Hawaii, and there job was too destroy chemical warheads there. They were working with alot of the nerve agents and chemical agents out there.
          The only way you can get on that island is my special permission from the U.S. gov. or be stationed there as a soldier or civilian contractor. From what I know, the chemical weapons there are all gone and now the island is deserted.

          I'm not saying all the stuff is destroyed but we are working on it.

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            The last I checked we were also one of the few countries that actually adheres to the accords of the Geneva convention as well. My question is if this war was about oil, then why the hell does gas still cost so damn much? NdNsoldierboy11b good to meet you bro, I served at Drum at the 1/32nd INF so I feel yer pain. CHOSIN!
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              The gas prices....I have no idea myself on who sets those prices.
              Anyone know? America is the main consumer of oil by the way. whoever is in charge of setting the prices knows this...But gas in other countries is alot more, primarily in the U.K. and Japan where its like 5.00 or more for a gallon I hear....

              Your unit, 1/32 Inf. is gone to Afghanistan in case your wondering. 2-22 Inf. leaves soon as well. The rest of the brigade I think is gone too. Deeds not Words....

              Climb To Glory...


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                Where's triple deuce headed? Still got alot of bros in 1st BDE. Earn your MOUNTAIN tab yet? hahahahah. Yeah, Drum is a ****ty post, but 10th is a hi speed unit. I was there after I got back from Korea. Down one for me at Spinner's! CHOSIN. AGAINST ALL ODDS.
                "Guns don't kill people. I kill people."


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                  We are all going to the big kitty litter box called Afghanistan. We even are taking 2-87 as well...The more the merrier I guess....

                  LOL...Got the Mountain awhile back....*ahem...the names are deleted to protect the guilty....LOL.

                  Yeah Spinners is going strong on Tue. nites and Pennants on Sat.

                  LEAD WITH COURAGE.......2-22 Inf.

                  p.s. just got a coin for Beernoc, I mean BNCOC....
                  a Bn. coin that is.....cha ching!!!

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                  No, I'm a combat coorespondent...
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                    LOL I miss those Watertown Buffalos.
                    "Guns don't kill people. I kill people."


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                      The Citizens Of Watertown(COW) are in force at Mardi Gras, and everywhere


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