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Bush not popular across the Atlantic

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  • Bush not popular across the Atlantic

    lately , I've heard people saying that all those British people are lying : " Of course there are weapons of mass destruction (WMD) out there. The British are covering them up. No sir , can't fool us 'Amerikins ' ".

    However , the lies and deception that led up to this war are cracking our last old European alliance. Bush and his advisors are idiots , and certainly dangerous ones. Greed and lust for power is what amde them so stupid. And then , of , course , there is the massive corruption that has marked the gov't., media and courts for the last 50 years or so , thanks to America's powerful corporations that enjoy " personhood" in our silly courts.

    The U.S.
    press claims that Bush is more popular than ever. Oh really? Let's have a vote on that , shall we? What a difference an ocean makes. In Great Britain , there is a frenzy over missing WMD , and some members of Blair's own Labor Party are saying that the gov't. could fall over Blair's "lying" to the nation & even to his own ministers.

    A U.S. equivalent of what is happening there might be CIA Director Tenet being idenified as the source of stories , saying Bush made up intelligence in his public declarations of war ; and Republicans in Congress calling for the impeachment of Bush for misleading the nation.

    Not all a bad idea , in my opinion. Too bad Congress is full of idiots too. Name calling? Why not if the shoe fits??
    Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved

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    I am going to an (anti) Bush Party here tomorrow. WOOHOO! There is an organisation in Ottawa that holds protests every weekend, but this weekend has a special anti-G Dubb flair to it. I wonder if jail has access to the Internet?:(
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      You women seem pretty smart. If you want to change the gov. then maybe you should run for office, and make the changes in office. Just a 2cents is cashed in....

      If you do, good luck on changing our policies.

      A policy enforcer,



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        Originally posted by Ndnsoldierboy11b
        If you want to change the gov. then maybe you should run for office, and make the changes in office.
        Or maybe we should become a facist pig, fix polls, force our beliefs on others, scheme and terrorize. Oh wait, my daddy was never a President nor am I in good with other organisations who have world domination within reach.
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          So you have to know someone or what? I don't follow politics.
          Like the rez elections? If you have a large family have them vote you in? It seems like that on my rez.

          I remember the Democrats not wanting to count the military votesfrom overseas one time...Wonder why?Maybe they were trying to fix the election in their favor. :Hammer :dontknow:



          Homer Simpson: Hey, theres a NEW Mexico.....


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            So the truth comes out. Bush used forged "evidence" that Iraq planned on buying plutonium from Africa. Hmmm, what a surprise.
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              "Never be bullied into silence.
              Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself."


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                OK, notice how I've been "good" and all silent on here about such issues? :Angel:

                Anyway. . .we've all known for a while that "the big beast" should be starting the downward spiral. Corruption can only last for so long before even those with their heads buried WAAAAAY deep in "the sand" will realize what is wrong must be made right.

                'Course this country was "wrong" from the beginning in the way it was founded on spilled blood of innocents, the treatment of non-caucasians as property, stealing of land, etc. Ooopss. . .I'd better stop or someone will accuse me of getting out that old horse again. ;)

                Hey, here's something to think on. . .you all know that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, right? Christianity is still the largest, at present. I see another holy war coming on, and for what? Greed. "My god is better than your god" mentality. WASTE! Stupidity! What's it all for? Do you think these people are going to forget how the mostly-christian united states treated them in the past and present? Whew--time for the US to take some of its own medicine and it won't be pretty. :( And many innocent people will be lost again.

                I will end on a positive though. . .the land of the United States itself is beautiful, varied, and sacred. But I think some changes in the government are on the horizon. . .if not in my generation, then maybe one or two down the line.


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                  Since when has our Govt ever told the truth? Was Saddam planning some type of mass destruction? Yes I believe it, they are still digging up enough clues that point to that, he had alot of it moved to Iran .... there is enough proof, CIA, or otherwise to prove it ....

                  We have Democrates who want things their way, we have the Republicans who want things their way .... is any ONE person lying to us? How do we know it wasn't a complete conspricy(sp) between England and US officials in charge, to declare this war for economic reasons?

                  Do I belive that Bush is beginning(tongue in cheek here) to seem a tad bit on the Egotisical side, and wanting to declare war on everyone? What the Bleep are we doing with this Libaria thing? Does anyone even understand that? Who are we to tell that President to get out of the Country? Next Iran? Poor North Korea is still rattling their swords trying to get some attention, and we keep telling them to shut up or we'll wipe them off the face of the Earth. It's not just Bush!! It's the whole blessed US govt, if they ain't controlling someone they are not happy ... then we the tax payers get to pay for all the rebuilding of their country while ours falls apart!

                  Next thing you know we will be declaing war on ourselves!
                  Your Heart Shows by how Your Words and Actions Affect Others.

                  Nah I ain't NO WANNABE! I don't gotta wannabe when people wannabe like me!


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                    Well, look at some of the models upon which we have based our governmental structure. There is a "life span of a democracy", that's for sure. So far none of the historic models have outlived this life span, and I'm not sure it will be much different for our form of government. But hey. . .I'm just here for the ride. :)


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                      and most days it's a goot ride ,traci, innit ?? :Chatter

                      You know Bob Dylan's classic anti-war song, Blowing In The Wind", still begs an important question : "how many deaths will it take before he knows too many people have died?"

                      Hawks aren't concerned about the "small" number of U.S. troops being killed daily in Iraq; it's fewer than the number of people who die in traffic acccidents , we're told. So how many must die before hawks question Bush's foreign policy?

                      How many slip-ups in U.S intelligence ( an oxymoron if I ever heard one ) must occur before hawks question Bush's agenda?..The answers , apparently , are still blowing in the wind..
                      Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


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                        Sometimes the only reply is the cry of ones soul. In this case America is crying, but Bush put ear muffs on the world. If this continues then we all will pay the price of "freedom"


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                          He definately is not popular in our home,
                          If you want or need a good laugh check out the site.
                          don't you be wastin' all your money
                          on syrup and honey because i'm sweet enough

                          Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.


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                            It is obvious that SHRUB(Bush) is still in the cave. He needs to break the chains of ignorance and climb into the light. Take a good look at the sun SHRUB! Only then can SHRUB ever hope to have a positive influence on this country.


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                              Damn. . .girl bustin' out with Allegory of the Cave. ;) :clapping:


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