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    Anyone got any updates on their people that are out defending our country? I know Beardancer is hoping to get home soon and my Crow friend, Mitchelene says it may be the end of the year for her. What about Chopper? Anyone heard from him??? Just wanted to keep good thoughts going of all our "soldiers".
    Becky B.

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    I will be leaving shortly to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. It will be my 3rd time in the middle east. 1991, 2001, 2003-2004 coming up. It hasn't been all fun and games but its been fun at times, I have to admit....

    To all those there now, I hope they have a safe return....



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      My buddy in Cuba says it will probally be Oct. before they get replaced. If not longer. He's been there almost a year.
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      -Daryl Baldwin: Miami


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        Yesterday, Beardancer said it would be within 3 days for him to be home! And Mitchelene (the Crow lady in the Army) said the mortar's are going day and night and although they were supposed to be home in the early to mid-Fall it seems like it will be mid-Winter before she gets here!!:(
        Becky B.


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          My Choctaw buddy in the Army is coming home for three week's leave this weekend! YIIPPPPEEEEEEE!

          (He's in the 3rd Infantry, in case y'all have not read what I've said about him in earlier posts.)


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            Beardancer is either on his way home right now or tomorrow morning!!!!!!!!!:Party :blow:
            Becky B.


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              Salutes to ya, Eleven Bravo!

              Be strong and be safe.
              "Friends don't let friends drink decaf..."
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                Be safe soldiers :Wave :marching:
                Friends dont let friends take home ugly Men. :huddle:

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                  one of our soilders has come home!! Leon Pretty Weasel jr hes on furlough his two weeks are almost up then he has to get back to his base :american: :flag:
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                    I got an e-mail last night that my friend with the 101rst is headed home now, and should be home this weekend! He was North of Bagdad, and even got his pic in the news more than once, one of the reporters was with his group!:)

                    They lost two of their guys, in the retaliation of Saddams sons ... I think all in all out of forty guys they only lost a total of 5 ... while in many ways to lose just one is bad, still in war, to lose that few is good!
                    Your Heart Shows by how Your Words and Actions Affect Others.

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                      My brother and the brother of a friend of mine won't be heading home until at least the end of August, probably more like October, though.
                      Damn, that's too long...

                      Quick to judge,
                      Quick to anger,
                      Slow to understand
                      Ignorance and prejudice
                      And fear walk hand in hand.
                      --Neal Peart(from the song Witch Hunt)


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                        Well, tomorrow is the day we leave for the Afghanistan. So I will miss the football season which is a bummer, but its not the first time I missed it so I guess the Raiders will have to go on without me on their sidelines for the season....Go Raiders!!! Just Win Baby....

                        But everyone else, be safe and see you when I get back next year....This web site is one of the better Ndn sites I have seen so far, so keep up the great work....

                        See you on the high ground, fix bayonets.....

                        Ndnsoldierboy11b:flag: :flyaway:


                        Soldierboy, made of clay now an empty shell, 21, only son, but he served us well...bred to kill, not to care, do just as we say, finished here, greetings death, he's yours to take away....
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                          See you later soldier boy! Take good care of yourself.


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                            Aloha from the Khandhar, Afghanistan!!! Kinda warm here and I'm doing good here....Hope all is well wherever you are reading this. Been busy here, but they got a few computers so will try to stay in touch as much as possible...

                            Bye for now,


                            10th Mountain Division(LI)
                            "Climb To Glory"


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                              stay safe NDNSoldier!
                              Better known an loved as Men~Nie Turtles !
                              Life is what you make it. Becareful what you give . You just might get it back!


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