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    My buddy in the 3rd ID came over last night and it was great to see him. :) I had decided, in advance, that even though I had my opinions of the war efforts and such, I would not bring this up with him out of respect for him ACTUALLY being over there, fighting. He knows how I feel about war in general (before he ever joined the Army), because we've been friends a long time and had lots of conversations.

    Anyway, sure enough, I was saddened to hear that the presence of US forces over there is impacting Iraqi culture. Obviously, in certain areas that could be acceptable (I suppose), but it makes me so sad to hear about it. For instance, he said "Well, it will be good to expose these Hadi's (that's what they call the Iraqi's) to our advanced medicine because these people are victims of poor genetics. Like the average height over there for men is around 5' 5", and I'm sure much of that has to do with poor diet." Now, it could just be me, but I'm sitting there thinking about how our typical diet in America is one of the worst in the world--so high in fat and salt and cholesterol. And all the processed junk we have here. . .well, like I said, I didn't get started, but thought I would post here for discussion.

    I guess my bottom-line is once again Americans have gone over, thinking they are helping "an uncivilized people", when actually, they just have a different culture. What are your thoughts about this?

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    They are different

    We are two different countries entirely and those people need to help themselves before anyone else can help them.
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      The whole war issue with me is hard to take in ... I wish there wasn't such thing, but it seems that the only way people can listen or solve anything is with a gun. Which is lame.
      Its sad to hear that your friend thinks that way, but peoples minds change after being in a war and that is terrible. But very understandable for all the things they see.
      I am sure that these people might need help but it shouldn't be forced. Like theepowwowchic49 said they have to want to help themselves first. Most times cultures are ill educated and are forced to follow.
      Most of these cultures will never change and who is to say the 'american' culture is right. In most cases I agree but if we were like the founders of our country it wouldn't be that hard to change things around like they did to us.


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        I went to see if a friend wanted to go to a powwow recently, he wasn't home but his dad was. Apparently his dad did some in-depth "studying" of Northwest Coastal tribes and came to the conclusion that the coming of white people was the best thing that ever happened to them, Christianizing and "civilizing" them, preventing them from killing each other.

        It's funny that the English and French can fight each other and it's all about national pride, chivalry and honor, but when the Duwamish and Haida nations are in a period of diplomatic conflict it is no more than a fight amongst "the savages."

        The same friend's dad, when I rejoiced that our nations are forsaking Christianity and returning to the rightful ways of their ancestors, was perplexed. He asked, "Why would the Indians forsake the truth and go back to just having half-truths?"

        Talk about the blind leading the seeing.
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          I hope he will be able to see more of the big picture before he passes on. Even if he never his private viewpoints, if he could at least understand why others feel differently--that would be a huge step!


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