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Visit with my 3rd Inf. friend

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  • Visit with my 3rd Inf. friend

    It was good to see my old friend the other night. He came to dinner and it was the first time we could have a talk without a lot of other people around.

    He told me stories and his observations, both good and bad, but the one thing he said that made my blood turn cold went something like this:

    I asked him didn't it seem like there is no way to win a war on terrorism? Seems like we will be over there in that region for many, many years and sometimes it seems like a losing battle when I look at the big picture.

    He quickly and confidently responded that there is a definite way to win the war--we have to invade all those countries over there and Westernize them. Well, out of respect for him and our friendship, I ended that trail of conversation. . .but WESTERNIZE THEM! What if they don't want to be westernized? Who said westernizing a country is going to make things better?

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    Whoa, this guy is a little messed in the head. So, should we westernize them like the Oklahoma City terrorist (I mean, he's westernized), should we westernize them with the School of Americas. Dang, this guy isn't very educated. How do you deal with that? Have you talked to him about diversity and other stuff? Or is it like talking to a brick in the wall? :wall:
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      I hear what you are saying, Miss Go (and thanks for responding), but what makes this crazier is that this guy IS very educated. I don't want to make a blanket statement about military folks, but in this ONE case, it sounds like the "might is right" mentality has taken full-hold on him.

      He sees it this way. . .we can continue to fight over there, put out little "fires" here and there, and this will occupy tons of our time and resources. Or, we can just "rip off the band aid" (that's what he said), go in and make accute changes in a timely fashion. He thinks that what "those people" have been doing all these years "over there" is obviously not working--that's why they fight all the time, live in sub-standard environments, etc. So, now that we are engaged in that area, he sees this as the only alternative.

      I see it like you, Miss Go. . .I see this as a sad thing. I told my husband I might as well have been sitting in my cabin, in the late 1800's, and my friend told me he was riding into the frontier to Americanize the Indians. That's exactly how I felt.

      What makes me even more upset is he is 1/4 Choctaw, but never knew this until his mom passed away last October. :( It's all a big mess.


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        Imfortunatly it seems to be the way so many think/ Hey they don't want to kiss our boots? Blow off the Earth teach them they should bend over and worship the ground we walk on. Ww'll teach them how to be a real country.

        HUH?? Who will teach us to be a "real" country?

        The only reason people are terrorists is that it gives them power. They do with with masks over their faces so no one can see just how chicken S**t they really are. Why were we attacked? Because we could be, and they are tired of our "we're better than you because we say so" attitude.

        I always wondered why there were so many people wanting to donate to over seas orphans and hungry while so many of our own starve and are homeless. No one wants to think about that, they would rather brag to their friends how they helped people over seas without thinking that maybe those very funds are used for terrorism!
        I live in Tennessee, that does not make me a wannabe, hick or hillbilly. If you think it does, then what does it say about you?


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          You're talking about helping the homeless and hungry here--I'LL SECOND THAT! I was watching a segment on a show the other day about ordinary people who help others just because. And one story was on a guy who is working in native american communities to get decent houseing built. I don't know about his company, nor have I checked anything out via the net, but one woman who saw the show was like "I didn't know our Native Americans lived in such poor conditions on the reservations." DUH!

          When will people be educated about the truth? When will those who know the truth be allowed to tell it like it really is in the classrooms and history books and just in every day life? Makes me disgusted at the sheer ignorance of some folks.


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