Free & green

New track suits earmarked for recruiters, boot camp next
Posted : October 06, 2008

Thousands of recruiters, drill instructors and recruits will receive the Corps’ new green running suit by the end of October, about a month ahead of the operating forces, Marine officials said.
Originally issued to the Corps’ Wounded Warrior battalions this past winter, widespread distribution was expected in May but was delayed when manufacturer New Balance struggled to meet an order for one free suit for every Marine, said Sgt. Maj. Carlton Kent, the sergeant major of the Marine Corps.
During a recent tour of recruiting stations, Kent noted with some humor that he and Commandant Gen. James Conway heard the concerns of Marines who feared the worst about its appearance.
“Usually, old Marines want the loud colors, scarlet and gold, because in boot camp, I had that sweat gear that was scarlet and gold,” Kent said at Recruiting Sub-Station Catonsville, Md. “Warriors like y’all, you don’t want no part of those loud colors.”
The Corps also dropped the idea of releasing a black suit. “You don’t want to look like Army,” Kent said.
The new design, which includes the word “Marines” emblazoned on the back in bold red letters with gold trim, was unveiled last November.
The suit, which will cost $113, features reflective tape and moisture-wicking material. It can be worn on liberty in hopes people will ask Marines questions about the service, officials said.
— Dan Lamothe