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Veteran's Day Nov 11th

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  • Veteran's Day Nov 11th

    ᎠᏂᎩᏚᏩᎩ - Anigiduwagi
    Till I Die!

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    Semper Fidelis to all you Veterans out there!!!!......Marine, Soldier, Sailor, Coast Guardsman, Reservists...and the blue guys.....JK...Airmen.......No such thing as a HAPPY Veterans Day......just remember our fellow brothers and sisters who have fallen....

    ...And shephards we shall be. For thee my lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from thy hand. That our feet may swiftly carry out thy command. So we shall flow a river forth to thee. And teeming with souls shall it ever be. E Nomini Patri, E Fili, E Spiritu Sancti.


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      thats what u get 4 breaking my heart...


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        Happy Veteran's Day to all those who are still in service. Doesn't matter what branch of service you are in, if you are home or abroad. You have blessed us all with your desire and ability to serve this country and all that reside here.

        A special thank you to all those, past and as a result of the current wars that were not able to return home to your loved ones. On this day, I am especially thankful for my adopted son, Hatak Yearby who was KIA two years ago this past Mother's Day. My the Lord protect and keep you and may you continue to watch over your extended family and all that still love you and miss you daily.

        Thank you to all that are currently serving and know that I pray that each of you is able to come home soon.

        Much love,


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          Happy Veterans Day to all who have served and to ALL who are serving now! Your courage has kept our country free and we appericate your service!
          Courage is just fear that has said it's prayers.


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