"Militarily Insignificant"
By Robert S. Finnegan - Southeast Asia News
As the body bags continue to make their sad way home to America from the
quagmire that is now "liberated" Iraq, I am compelled to ponder a recent
statement made by a highly placed Bu****e and quoted in Time Magazine: that
casualties following the war that America "won" in Iraq are "militarily
Hmm. Tell that to the families and loved ones that have paid
the ultimate price for unflinchingly honoring their military commitment in the
so-called war on terror.
"Bring 'em on" crows our Idiot-in-Chief. It would now appear that "the
terrorists" are doing exactly that. Is this terrorism, or simply patriotism on
the part of the Iraqis? One would think that Americans would react much in the
same way if their country were invaded.
Consummate cowards, Bush and his band of schoolyard bullies and junkyard dogs
now hold our nation hostage with the Patriot Act and threats. "If you aren't
with us, you are against us . . . " spouts Bush. How presidential, right
out of
the Hitler dialogues.
I have news for you, Mr. President. It is not you and your staff, or their
families for that matter that are doing the dying in this "war" in Iraq. The
heroes that are being blown away on an almost daily basis. As a former Marine,
I know only too well that even the military has its limits, and your
in a military uniform on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier recently
was an
insult to all those who serve honorably in our armed forces.
Despite the current spin on the record of your military service, we know and
keep the score. Apparently your Dad could not erase that one.
It has not been forgotten in military circles that had your Dad let General
Schwartzkopf do his job in the last Iraq war our military would in all
probability not be there now.
Do yourself a favor and drop the freedom and democracy crap, most of us by now
in the military know the score. Explain to the survivors, the wives, husbands,
parents, siblings and children why their dead servicemen and women are
Your administration, Mr. President is now looking more and more like the Nazi
party as they attempt to gut the Constitution of the United States and pillage
our country and the world. The sheep that inhabit the majority of the American
electorates will ultimately pay the same price that the Germans did following
WWII for burying their heads in the sand as their leaders lead them down the
path to destruction and world condemnation.
Rather than "liberating Iraq," you, Mr. President and your contingent of
have created a new terrorist state. Regardless of the professed statements by
traitors such as Powell, Rice and Rumsfeld to the contrary, this is also a
covert war on Islam. Lies on top of lies.
Is Saddam Hussein a dirt bag? You bet. A toothless dirt bag, with massive oil
reserves. Easy pickings for America and Haliburton.
The propaganda machine of the White House, Mr. President is presently churning
out lies at record levels. Bad lies at that.
Why have Americans not demanded a renewal of our representative government?
Have Americans become so soft that they are willing to die on their knees
rather than their feet?
How many of our servicemen and women need die on the patch of sand that is now
modern-day Iraq to become "militarily significant" in your estimation? Can you
spell Vietnam?
Your top NSA advisor Condoleeza Rice defended your request for an
87 Billion dollars to support the continuing war in Iraq, citing the age old
refrain that "freedom is priceless." Tell that to the American military
veterans, the elderly and the homeless who the United States Government
continues to screw in the name of "freedom". The freedom to starve, freeze and
die on the streets of the richest nation in the world and in the decrepit VA
hospitals that are charnel houses straight out of some middle-age nightmare.
You seem to forget, Mr. President, that this is OUR MONEY.