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  • flag illuminated at night

    OK, I was at a powwow this wknd, as the sun began to set, I took notice that the flag was still flying. It was not illuminated. And there seemed to be no concern to get it down. As a Vet, i felt it was wrong and i aproached the man who was said to be Head Vet for the dance, and the A.D.. When I asked, he informed me it was a casket flag and the family requested it to fly all wknd. I understand this, whoever i believe the vet who the flag belonged to would rather things be done in the right way. As i try not to be much of a troublemaker, especially where i'm not known, i let it go. Later on I wish i had been more outspoken, my own fault. I know i did the right thing by bringing it up to the folks involved with the dance. People who know better, or should by the positiontrusted to them by the commitee. should i have kept my mouth shut, or been more vocal with my objections.

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    Not at all , most ppl have no idea proper protocol of the flag (i.e) the stars should be facing left , the flag should be well lite at night, she should never touch the ground. The stripes should be seperated an the blue should be cut as well as the stripes then burned an burried with honor).
    Casket flag or not the family should honor the flag rules . Just my 2
    Better known an loved as Men~Nie Turtles !
    Life is what you make it. Becareful what you give . You just might get it back!


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      What I really like is all the people who started putting flags on everything after 911. Flags on cars strapped to hoods. Bumperstickers, plastic window flag so you look like your transporting the president, flags in house windows and on doors(most of the time backwards!) And I do notice that most of these people are the immigrants and lower class people (at least in my area). No flags on mansions and limos?
      There are 2 types of people in the world...
      Really stupid people who think they are smart
      Really smart people who think they are smart.


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        I was at a pow wow a couple of weeks ago and it was GREAT! But I got a funny feeling on the second night, when they rolled up the American flag. Only one person was doing it (which made it difficult) and it was at first dragging on the ground (so he could get it rolled up). I was thinking "somebody help him so the flag does not have to touch the ground." But, I didn't say anything, because he was a veteran, and well, I was not sure of the protocal. Disrespect the flag by it touching the ground, or disrespect the veteran who had the honor of carrying it? :dontknow:

        I didn't feel it was my place to tell him how things should be done. (This is not in response to the first post about the other scenario. Didn't want things to get confused.)


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          There are many with no knowledge to the care and respect of the flag. It's a shame, but so many have no respect for anything, or anyone, yet they want you to respect them. There is something wrong with this.

          To me a Casket Flag should not fly. But that is just me.

          If it is not going to be respected, and treated right, then the flag should not be present at the Pow Wow.

          But I am an old woman, and a veteran, maybe I should just hush. I have no right to go to someone and tell them they are doing wrong. Hide and watch and see me tell someone off quick if they treat that flag in such a way around me! I'll run over their toes if I have to get their attention!
          I am who I have always been. If you don't like that then you have my permission to leave.
          Yes I am enrolled, and your point is?


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            :) See, I feel like you could have said something. I am 30, much younger than that veteran, and I would have felt out of place.

            And I don't want to give the impression that this man did not act with respect. He is a very nice guy. I just don't think he realized the flag was on the ground, and if someone else had been there to hold the other side of the flag, the problem would have been avoided.

            But I hear ya, Awahili, and understand what you are saying.


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              The thing that gets me , is I am a vet, I do know better, and when I addressed the issue, the the vet agreed with me, yet failed to act appropriatly (sp?) I think next time if a situation arises like this I will be more outspoken. We have people that have fought and continue to fight, and die for this flag. I believe we have a responsibility to all who have served, to show respect for the flag, and to treat it accordingly.

              I have to agree with Awahili, if we are not going to respect the flag, then we should not even present it at a powwow.


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                I suggest you print out Flag protocol an hand it to them then you are in a safe zone so to speak . If they cant understand that we represent the whole when we are in the circle an should do things in the proper manner then they dont need to be in there . Just my 2!
                Then ppl want to complain when someone is doing something they saw someone else do in the circle ..but ooooops it was not the right way .. When in question find an elder they will be willing to guide them ...always works for me. Respect simple all about Respect ..for the flag our elders the circle ..just makes me go hmmmmmm.
                Better known an loved as Men~Nie Turtles !
                Life is what you make it. Becareful what you give . You just might get it back!


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                  I wish the family that brought the flag had been there so i could have spoken with them. I know the vet knew better, but was trying to keep the family happy. Had someone explained to the family that it was not right to fly at night without being illuminated, They would have been ok with taking it down at sunset, and putting back up at sunrise. At least I'ld like to think so. They are proud enough of this person to want to honor him, and display his flag, surely they want to honor him properly, by following protocol.

                  The more I think about it, the more I am sure I should have opened my mouth a bit more.

                  As for traci's expierience, she is probably right that the vet didn't realize the flag was on the ground. He should have had help. I am not sure how one person would even attempt to properly fold a flag. Someone (another Vet) should have stepped up and offered to help. If there wasn't another Vet available, I'd rather see a non-veteran help than see the flag draggin in the dirt. But I also understand that accidents happen, and hind sight is 20/20.


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