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    looking to chat with other native female vets.
    did you feel we were treated any different than other women, from other cultures?
    me? usn ret. (20 yr) avaition

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    I didn't think so. when I went through Basic training everyone wasn't sure which ethnicity I was. It was like a guessing game for them.

    While working at the bases i didn't notice i was treated differently by anyone except when I went to Germany, all the german housekeeps at our base were all excited to meet me. felt like a celebrity... ayyeee
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      me? in iceland, they were thrilled when they found out what i was. maids at the barracks treated me great. that, and i let them borrow my jigsaw puzzles. :-)

      i tended to get into trouble because i couldn't quit telling the guys when they were doing something wrong. no problem if they told me. but my last command just didn't like women who stood up.


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