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    Hi all dofus players need a nice strength cra but its so hard to train a the begin i will tell you how

    to become a nice strength cra till reach lvl 31
    its kinda easy if you have a other acc ho has money and u can start easily.

    SO LETS BEGIN !!!!!

    if you reach incarnam first do the quest named ''first woapens'' you can start it by talking to

    Struk'tohr Nhin you will have to figth something weak
    then you should go if you have adv set figth wild sunflowers if you dont have 1 you should figth

    little gobbal DONT FORGET to only raise strength
    you should use magic arrow to figth.
    when reaching lvl 3 you get your first earth attack but its not good yet so stay using magic arrow

    stay figthing sunflowers till you reach lvl 11
    now you have 10 spell points put them in homing its now lvl 5 1-10 damage it sound weak but it isnt

    wear a nice strength gobbal set and a ''fortifying ring''
    its better if you have a nice 1 whit +15 strength now you have nice damage whit homing arrow like 30+

    and thet only in 1 shot so 2x 30+=
    now train on chafers till you reach lvl 20 now you should go to ankama and kill boars and prespics

    till reach lvl 30 and thet was my guide.

    I hope you will become a very nice strength cra !!!

    quote from 7mmo

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