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100 million Native American genocide?

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  • 100 million Native American genocide?

    Hi there,

    I was reading this article in a Russian new site , and the author quotes the figure of 100 million native deaths in the genocide perpetrated by "pilgrims" to the new world.

    I couldn't resources on the genetic excuse used by foreigners to kill natives in America, and I'd appreciate some links. The author quoted DE Stannard and his book American Holocaust. Is he a reputed source?

    Most of the article is about the ongoing political tussle between the United States and Russia but there is some justified references to Standing Rock and other injustices meted out to First Nations people.

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    Sorry this sat in the moderator queue for so long.
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      Wow. Who said the old Soviet-style propaganda journalism is dead. That article was so 1970's Pravda, with a nice dash of old fashioned inferior gene eugenics thrown in.

      The genetic lunacy aside, the number Mr Maavak cites from David Stannard's American Holocaust (Oxford University Press, 1992) is at the extreme upper end for contact causality figures. Coming on the eve of the quincentenary, his numbers were wildly controversial at the time. Even more disputed was his assignation of the genocidal holocaust to what many scholars were/are calling democide (sans genocide).


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        Originally posted by OLChemist View Post
        Wow. Who said the old Soviet-style propaganda journalism is dead. That article was so 1970's Pravda, with a nice dash of old fashioned inferior gene eugenics thrown in.

        There is an old cynical Russian saying (some say a political joke)

        In the Pravda was never an Izwestia and in the Izvestia was never a Pravda.

        Pravda = truth
        Izvestia = news

        The theme itself should not be subject of propaganda but sincere devoted to the truth in my opinion.
        Those who know do not write and those who write may not know. Frank W. Louis, No such Agency

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          The number of Natives who were on the North American continent at the point of European contact ranges as low as 24 million to 120 million estimate. It all depends which scholar, ethnologist, anthropologist, archaeologist, linguist or historian you ask.

          Nobody knows. Nobody was there. There was not an accurate census then or now to give an accurate number of Natives.

          One thing we do know for sure is that by 1900, there were only 250,000 Natives left. . .
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            I'm ashamed to be white when i read this.It was the same thing in Central and South-America.Great civilisations almost wiped out.Aztecs,Maya's, Inca's...where are they now? Butchered to steal they're gould and silver and all of that to sponsor the wars in Europe.
            I'm happy to hear the proud Nations of North-America are growing again.I wish them all the best in the future.


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              Hard to say how this all went down. English liberalism spread around the world conquering various tribes of people. Before that it was Christianity which conquered European tribes pretty much the same way, burned religious sites, assimilated them into the new ideology and then used them to conquer others. It went on and on the Indian schools, kill the Indian, save the child etc. Get rid of the culture, assimilate the people. Native people were called the same thing the called the Vikings, Druids etc long ago, "heathens". It's just one of those borg like ideologies that sucks other groups up and re purposes them.


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                ^ That is true to some extent, no group of people or culture has been untouched throughout history.


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