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    I have to say that I'm totally against these FAKE vets. I served 11 1/2 years in the Marine Corps and 3 years in the Army National Guard. When we have our p/w every year, there is this guy there that was kicked out of the Corps in 1987. When they call for the Vets and call us out by the different Campaign eras, he comes out saying that he served in Desert Storm. At no time was he ever there. Whenever he's confronted about his lying, he states that he was there on a special operation. To this day, he still turns my stomach.
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      wth is a fake vet again? I served 12 years in the NAVY, but if I only served a month and got out I would be considered a vet no? Are you talking about war vets? I never fought in a war but damn we trained enough for 20! I was an OS and worked as an engagement planner... could won a 1000 battles with the number of engagements we put together. Hey, we did leave our missles for another ship that did fire on the Iraqi's during desert storm does that count? I hate being only a shield! :sw200:


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        Well, this is just my 2 cents here....It bothers me when people will go out and do the fake vet thing. Sure, maybe they're dancing for a family member or whatnot, its not my place to call someone out and cause a scene about them not being a vet. How am I to know who's fake and who's not? Its on their concience anyway. Sure, I have family and close friends in the military, and my grandfather served in Europe during WWII. A man who's like extended family to me has been stationed in Afghanistan twice, the first time he was one of the men that went into the caves to get Al Quaida members out, and the second time, he was a guard at the US Embassy, he's been decorated for his bravery and taking fire, fiancee was supposed to get out in September, he's served his 4 years in the USMC. Well, last night I was told they're not letting him out, and he's being sent to Iraq in September for 9 months--possibly longer. Both of these guys are from Canada, but they're fighting for our country. Even though I love all of my family and friends who have served and are stationed overseas and whatnot, I'm not going in there to dance because I'm not the veteran, I don't have that right. But to whoever does, that's your deal, go to it. I just find it a little bit offensive when these people go dressed in uniforms--most of the time looking so...unkempt I guess is the word, and they'll have on those boot moccasins, etc...My family and I were at a powwow in the northern part of the state and this older white man was there in his dress blues (which did not fit properly at all), claimed he was a staff sgt or something, and said he was stationed at Camp Lejune, and then said he lived in the barracks where my fiancee lives. Well, he was obviously lying, you could tell by his actions. My fiancee called up a friend of his that's one of the higher ups in that base, and asked about this man, and this man doesn't live there, and has no military record of ever being there. But we just let him be and went on. There's another thing that annoys me...there are these older people, I can't say if they're white or Native, everyone has Native blood nowadays, but they'll come to the powwow in uniforms, but have those boot moccasins on, carrying guns and whatnot, and have turkey feathers hanging from their hats, etc. I just think, maybe they're really vets, maybe not, but why do you have to wear your uniform? Sure, wear it for that one dance, but do you have to walk around ALL WEEKEND in it, and then dance in intertribals, pointing your gun at the sky and looking up into the sky as if you're in a trance, and then act all high and mighty and get mad when people don't speak to you? I feel that people like that just want to show off, and I don't understand it. I've never served in the military, obviously, so maybe I just don't understand the pride that comes with it or I don't say anything to these people, just keep it to myself and go on. Yup...this is probably the ONLY time I've spoken up about this, and probably the last time I'll do so, lol. And sorry if its confusing to read my stuff because I switch back and forth to different subjects, lol. Also, I apologize to anyone I might offend or whatever by my opinions expressed in this post. And thanks to all the vets out there, and your families, for all the hard work and troubling times you have had to deal with to fight for our country. Take care everyone.

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          well i am ,late as usual but i would like to add my bit ,,,i entered the service (usmc) 0683 anets on0793i was a0311/0331 and i really have a hard time w/ some of these yahoo's some one once tried to tell me that marines once wore berets in the 80's i was in task force grizzly during the 1st persian excursion i think what pains me is the fact that vets have paid our dues to carry the colors, staffs and lances and most of us are still willin to fight and die ,,,,but i believe we as vets hold life alot more dearly and when 'they ' fake it it really hurts themselves ,,,,it also has a effect on the people hold them accontable......embaress them some cant be but hell what cant we do ? hell made MACRESS walked across the desert we can do anything w/ nothing


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            Semper Fi brothers and sisters.....we know what we been through,the prices many of us seen and paid....all we can do is walk tall and be the example to our communities that we need to be...
            to those who live life with deceipt...their lives will reflect the choas they create...they are judged by a higher authority than any of us...and they will be dealt with accordingly...

            OOOOrrraaaahhhhh to those of us jarheads who lived in the 03 world....its good to see I am in such good company...
            sigpicWe spend a lifetime worrying about if we make a difference....Marines don't have that problem.


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