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  • Unity / Collective consciousness

    Hi evebody!

    I'm a 33 years old Finnish guy, and found this forum while I was searching for native American sites. I'm hoping some of you people here would like to exchange some thoughts about a quite interesting thing I found just over a year ago.

    I've never been too religious, at least not in any traditional way. I'm not into any new age beliefs either, and I dislike any belief that seems to require one to disregard common sense. That said, I'm not a science fundamentalist either. I'm definitely spiritual, but I don't need any ready-made religion to back my beliefs up. I'm sure you get the general idea.

    In January 2007 I suddenly started to feel a strong field of what I like to call collective consciousness. It came out of nowhere: I wasn't expecting to have such experience, and nobody had told me about anything like it. But the feeling was very strong, it was also experienced by several of my friends, and I've met a lot of people (both in real life and in the Internet) who describe same kind of experiences. It appears to me that I've found something that could be called as soul, god, God, or simply a force that connects all people and this planet together. People such as Deepak Chopra, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Dalai Lama and Anthony De Mello have written a lot about it, and many scientists (Roger D. Nelson, for example) seem to have found first signs of the same force from the quantum world.

    During the last few months I've had a feeling that this uniting force might be getting stronger.

    Some of the key points of what I've found are:

    - Enlightenment means elevated level of consciousness

    - When your consciousness expands, you can see a strong connection between you innermost self, all other people, and the earth. Apparently this connection goes even further, to the point where everything is connected.

    - This entity we all are part of could be called love, god, God, logos or collective consciousness. There are many more suitable names for it, but none of them seems to be able to describe the whole too well.

    - Understanding this unity of everything that exists, both in material and immaterial words, changes you. Your thoughts are not so self-centered anymore, and because you understand you are connected with everything, your attitude towards everything changes. You are automatically, naturally willing to work for well-being of all, not just yourself. Your whole personality changes with great ease, and if you have been troubled by problems such as anger or fear, they just disappear.

    - This expanding of consciousness is natural, and there's nothing mystical to it. However, the world it opens does definitely seem mystical, almost heavenly to people who have learned to see the world in a scientific, material way. There's no contradiction between science and this way of seeing the world though; it encompasses both scientific and spiritual wordviews.

    I don't really know much about native American's religions, but I would not be surprised if they had many references to this unity and interconnectedness I'm trying to describe above. It seems that Buddhism, Christianity and just about every old religion tries to talk about it, even though the basic idea tends to be buried under tons of irrelevant details and beliefs.

    I would love to hear whether or not you see any connection here. =)

    Peace & love! <3

    - Jyri

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    Welcome to the board Jyri - hope that some people will reply to your interesting post!


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      mind-boggling if you ask me!


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        Dr. Jung was right.


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