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    My almost 40 yo nephen (gesh...I'm getting old) and his family (wife, boy 13 yo and girl 3 yo) have shown interest in getting more involved in the native way of life. I've gone with them to a few pow wows in Oklahoma, but they want to learn and do more.

    Luckily I live in Northern Oklahoma where there are Pow Wows, Gourd Dances or Hand Games almost every weekend, and sometimes more than one within driving distance.

    He, on the other hand lives in Ft. Worth, there is no JOM program or Native American clubs at the kids' schools, and I can't seem to find very many activiities to steer him towards.

    He realizes that the native ways are very good for raising kids and he's anxious to begin straight dancing. His little girl is a natural, last Pow Wow we went to, we pinned a kids size shawl around her shoulders and she'd come over to me every dance, just bouncing in her shoes, asking me to go dance. Makes an Augntie's heart proud to see her take to her first encounter with so much interest. And, not to brag, but she picked up on when to dance and when to stop and how to dance to the beat of the drum. She even gourd danced in perfect timing.

    Anyway, I'd like to know from some of you other Texans if there are any groups, Gourd Societies, Native American Clubs or anything where he can take his family to associate with other natives and where they can make friends and raise their kids with Native values.

    Thanks for any suggestions.


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    Since he's in the Fort Worth area you might have them listen to (live streaming of the radio program) from 6-8pm on saturday nights for "Beyond Bow's and Arrows" radio show. They usually list local pow wows.
    That or check this link Powwows
    They usually list any upcoming pow wows.


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      Also regarding schools, I don't know if anything is offered or not, but I attended 1 pow wow this year here in FW that was sponsored by the Fort Worth ISD, so I would try to get to the bottom of that. There must be some type of group within the school system. Also stay tuned here. Check the calender often.
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        Both Fort Worth ISD and Dallas ISD have staff coordinators for their Native American Education programs. Alice Berrientez is the liaison for the FWISD program.

        Fort Worth ISD - American Indian Education


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          A couple of years ago there was a big powow held in Glen Rose at the Somervel County Expo Center and then a few months later another in Cleburne at the high school. You could contact those folks to see if they have any other bookings coming up.


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            If you're looking 4 PWs in TX. There is gonna be one @ the Alabama-Coushatta rez in Livingston, Tx. this weekend @ the multi-purpose center on Jan. 3rd starting around 6p. 4 more info U can go 2 Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas - Home They also may have a chidren's contest PW on Jan 31st, but adults can also dress out & dance I/Ts. There also will be one in Greenville, Tx on Jan 17th (check PW calendar 4 info) & in Liberty Hill, Tx. the same day. There will be one in San Antonio sometime in Feb. (check PW calendar as well.)


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              Rice University Powwow date?

              Hi, Chipster. You seem to know the powwow schedule in Texas, so I was wondering if you've heard anything about the Rice Powwow. It's usually held in early April. Hope you can help. We're trying to get our powwow schedule going for the spring. Thanks:)


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                Traders Village has one every year,its over by six flags,not sure of the actual date but it should be easy enough to google,or look it up on


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                  Not sure, it mite B the 2nd week of April. No info on Rice Univ. webpage. Will know l8r.

                  Traders Village PWs in Grand Prairie will be in Sept. & in Houston will B in Nov. More info 2 come.

                  The Alabama-Coushatta annual PW in Livingston will B June 5th & 6th.


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                    Rice powwow

                    The powwows starts at noon on April 4, 2009. The website is kind of hard to find. The old RNASA site and the new seem to both be running.


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                      Way South Powwow

                      I would like to add one. I have been waiting to see if anyone else would bring this one up.

                      The Way South Powwow in McAllen TX is a very nice dance. It has evolved over the years and is, in my opinion, a nice comfortable dance. We go down each year from MO to enjoy our vacation and Powwow. This is not far from South Padre Island, Brownsville and Mexico.

                      This dance is open to any and all Indian people to share their traditions. This dance is the third weekend of October. I hope to get to visit with everyone down there this year.


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                        powwow big spring is april 4/5 in big spring about a 4 hour drive down i 20 from ft worth


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                          This may be opening a can of worms..but...

                          Whats the deal with TIHAS (not sure on the spelling)? Are they still functioning or have they fallen by the wayside? I understand there are two Hethuska groups outside of Oklahoma and I thought Texas was a state that had one. Not too sure on the other or how things are run.
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                            There are PWs that are contest & non-contest coming up, but these are sum that are mentioned 2 me or sum are assumed they will be taking place or what comes 2 mind.

                            Austin PW in 1st wknd in Nov, 4 Winds in Killeen in Sept, Dallas ISD student PW on March 28. UT Arlington-NASA PW in Arlington March, There is one somewhere in Waco in March, not sure where.


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                              I haven't been to all of these, so there may be a few duds in here:

                              Four Winds Senior Social Powwow, 2/21/09 Killeen

                              2009 Senior Social

                              UTA NASA/AISES Powwow, 3/7/09 Arlington

                              NASA/AISES Pow Wow

                              TSTC NASA Powwow, 3/7/09 Waco

                              Native American Student Association

                              Dallas ISD/AIEP Powwow, 3/28/09 Dallas


                              Red River Intertribal Powwow, 3/28/09 Wichita Falls

                              RRIC 2009 POWWOW FLYER Red River

                              Rice University Powwow 4/3/09, Houston

                              Southwestern University 5th Annual Spring Powwow, 4/4/09 Georgetown

                              47th Annual National Championship Indian Pow Wow, 9/13/09-9/13/09 Grand Prairie

                              Traders Village Grand Prairie - Event - 47th Annual National Championship Indian Pow Wow

                              Austin ISD Powwow, 11/7/09 Austin

                              Austin Powwow and American Heritage Festival

                              20th Annual Texas Championship Powwow, 11/14/09-11/15/09, Houston

                              Traders Village Houston - Event - 20th Annual Texas Championship Pow Wow

                              Texas Gulf Coast Tia Piah has monthly benefit powwows, Houston

                              Welcome to the Gulf Coast Tia Pi

                              As for the Texas Indian Hobbyist Association, they are still a going concern and have quarterly events somewhere down in the hill country.


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