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    Hi everyone I am new to and I am a Mohawk aboriginal from the six nations reserve in Ontario canada but currently are in New Brunswick.The question I have is that both my wife and myself are paddling a canoe across Canada from the east to the west coast and are looking for any dates for powwows from Quebec-Alberta Canada that is coming up.we are leaving new brunswick around the 17 of April 2009 thank you.

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    You can always check on the calender for upcoming powwows, and do a search for that area. :)
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      Visitor from New Zealand
      by jcrinnz
      Hi there,
      I am from New Zealand and am hoping to visit the USA next year and am wondering if non-Native people are welcome to attend Powwows? Also, if they are welcome, which of the many hundred powwows might you recommend? Is there a list of just the largest gatherings?
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      11-02-2011, 10:31 PM
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      Powwows in New England
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      Georgia powwows?
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      How's it going? Umm, my question is... What Georgia powwows are there? Or powwows that are reasonable to go to as I live in North Georgia. Also, here are the ones I know about so far: Augusta powwow, Stone Mountain powwow, and the Sweetwater Powwow. Also, if you know of them,...
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      Non-natives spectating
      by Meow
      I'm new to the board...I know from searching previous threads that there have been similar threads in the past dealing with non-natives who go and dance at pow-wows. I didn't feel like those threads applied to me because I have no intention to attempt to dance at a powwow because I am non-native and...
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