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Is there an Illinois Inter-tribal Association?

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  • Is there an Illinois Inter-tribal Association?

    Does anyone know of an inter-tribal association near east-central Illinois?


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    give me a town name Mr. Bill.....
    I don't think there is anything with the name of inter-tribal org.....
    But, you have Midwest Soaring, and that group that puts on Pimetioui down in Peoria.... plus a coupla other small committees
    You doin' a crazy check or just trying to get connections?


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      I live near Danville Illinois. I've been wanting to get involved in powwows for some time but don't know where to start. I'm hoping to find a group in my area that can give me advice.


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        there is a shortage of skinz in that area......

        Most of the committees are hobbs, some good some bad..

        Tecumseh lodge in Indiana puts on a pow-wow in Tipton (which isn't far away from you)

        Also, you can check out Rainbow dancers in the Peoria area. There is also a group in Arcola.


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          Maybe someone here has the contact info for American Indian Center in Chicago? They could hook you up Im sure.
          Walk softly, leave nothing but footprints....


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            Legalstraight & Kamana,

            Thanks very much for the information.



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              AIC to that area is 3 maybe 4 hours drive

              Welcome to Alive In Christ Lutheran Church I think is the website


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                I just got back from a 150 mile round trip to the Grand Village of the Kickapoo Park Pow Wow in Leroy Illinois.

                There was a large turn out of spectators, but native dancers, not so much.

                There were 11 people in the grand entry; three were indian and the other eight were whites in street clothes.

                I left after 30 minutes.


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