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  • medical care for Cherokee

    I am doing a cultural project for my nursing class on the care and customs of caring for a Cherokee the traditional way. We are trying to get information on on ethnicity so that when we care for them we are sensitive to their customs and beliefs. Is there anyone out there that could help with this or at the least point me in the right direction?

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    I might suggest that you might find more info or help if you post in the Native Life forum under Health. That might bring you some more reponses.
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      Care for traditional Cherokee

      Is this some type of hospice care or is this when they come in to the clinic? There are alot of things that are different in the way a traditional person does daily activities and a non-traditional. Probably the biggest thing I can think of is who is around them, especially when sick. Women on their moon are not supposed to touch ailing people or prepare food they will eat. This even goes so far as to transfer to men who have come in contact with women in this state. Aside from that, there are alot of taboos depending on the illness, but this will be something they will know themselves and be able to tell you. For example, if they've gone to didanvwisgi and gotten help, they have been given any pertinent instructions on what to do and what to refrain from.


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        Another source

        I suggest you might find more of what you are looking for by contacting WW Hastings Hospital in Tahlequah (918) 458-3105
        Its now run by the Cherokee Nation and perhaps could provide more information on what you are asking...
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