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    Hello. I am new to pow wows. I have never been to one but I am trying to get better in touch with my Lakota heritage. What are pow wows like? What happens? I am just asking for general information. I am 1/4th Lakota and my grandfather was part of the wolf nation. Any information will be extremely helpful. Thank you.


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    Welcome to

    You will find alot of the General information that you seek in FAQ section of this website
    This will answer alot of the general questions that you may have

    By all means ask alot of questions you will find a wealth of information here...
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      Hello, and welcome to the site. Geez it would be hard to describe a pow wow for you. But like Josiah said, there is lots of info on this site. The calendar lists pow wows across the country. If you can get to a pow wow in real life, you'll see why we love them!
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        is your gramdfather from Canada, or north/south dakota?


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          Well Renae..Pow wows are held once a year to many times a year...
          They consist of pow wow arena where the dancers dance and there are drum groups and bleachers for the people. There are catagories for the dancers like jingle, shawl, traditional, fancy, grass, hoop. ect...there is a grand entry that starts the dancers program. There are dancers that are there for compitition and they will have a number on them. No need to go out and buy yourself any regalia or outfit to atend a pow wow just wear comfortable shoes, dress modestly jeans, T shirt or skirt and top. I would avoid wearing mini skirts and low cut tops or overly dressy clothes and high heels because it is not a fashion show, oh and if you are going to be staying for the night grand entry bring some skeeter spray. Although if once you find a pow wow you want to go to you may want to make reservations some where if you plan to stay over night. Most of the time these rooms get booked up fast so it might take some planning. Outside the arena circle there are food vendors and the prices have shot up over the years. A frybread taco can cost up to 7.00. But if you want to pack your own cooler and food you can.There are also vendors selling lots of different stuff like beads, jewelry, hides, ribbon shirts, This is just very basic information, but If you have access to a pc you should be able to find a Lakota pow wow information as to where they are being held you didn't say much about where you are traveling from. You might want to check out Youtube there are videos up from various places that show the dancers and drummers. Good luck and enjoy..


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            Youtube has videos up and pow might have some videos from Lakota country...give you an idea of what it sounds like and what the dancers wear and how they dance...


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              I found a link to some pow wows being held in South Dakota

              South Dakota Pow Wow listing


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