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  • Two questions

    I was looking for traditional Lenape clothing for a male. Thanks.

    Are there dances to honor certain animals? (At risk of sounding stupid) Would there be one for say....wolves? And where would one go to learn. Thanks in advance.

    I apologize if I offend anyone, I just wanted to ask so I can learn. Thanks for you time.

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    Not sure about the Lenape up north, but you might try the Lenape here in Oklahoma. They have a big Pow-wow Memorial weekend, with a stomp and social dances that Thursday night. They do, in fact have animal dances as some of their socials. The Lenape, the Shawnee, and teh Seneca-Cayuga and Caddo all have similar dances at their grounds. They have Turkey dance, Racoon dance, Duck Dance, Stirrup, Go Get 'em, etc..... No wolf dance that I've ever seen, but then again I'm not Lenape, just been to their doings.


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      animal dance

      I'm not lenape but here we have a crow hop, buffalo dance, rabbit, snake dance. Crow hop is were you mimic a crow, Buffalo is more of a hunting type dance, rabbit is simmilar to a crow hop and two step, snake is a social dance like a round dance.


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