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  • pow wow dance

    is the ghost dance still done ? not niave but why is there no month to celebrate indian heritage?

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    Originally posted by WhoMe
    You can celebrate American Indian heritage year 'round. You don't need Congressional approval.
    Gawd - Amen to that!!!!


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      Originally posted by WhoMe
      Yes. The ghost dance is still done by one tribe annually.

      November is American Indian and Alaskan Native Heritage Month.

      You can celebrate American Indian heritage year 'round. You don't need Congressional approval.
      Speaking of GHOSTS, I just saw WHOME on Powwows.Com !!!!!!!!!!


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        Originally posted by AmigoKumeyaay View Post
        Speaking of GHOSTS, I just saw WHOME on Powwows.Com !!!!!!!!!!

        *L No you didn't.
        Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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          Originally posted by AmigoKumeyaay View Post
          Speaking of GHOSTS, I just saw WHOME on Powwows.Com !!!!!!!!!!
          I second that!
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            In Canada, we have Aboriginal Day celebrated on June 21. The government departments also have Aboriginal Awareness Weeks throughout the year.

            Many First Nations up here have a celebration on their treaty day.

            However, as said above, we don't need the government to set aside a day, week or month to tell us how to be us...I get to be NDN 365 days a year for my whole life... how cool is that?
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              I didn't know there was a month to celebrate Native American heritage. I am glad to know that it is November and will acknowledge it.


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                ghost dance

                thank you for replys i am learning


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                  That was in the late 1800 almost close to the turn of the century (1900). You were thinking about the Ghost Dance back then. Well, it was not successful and a failure. Many natives who were trying to be the Ghosts were killed by the military soldiers. So the Ghost Dance is ban forever.

                  I am from Canada and we celebrated Aboriginal Day on June 21 every year. Just like Yaahl said.

                  Maybe some dancers with regalia might have white faces cover to remember their ancestors. But not definitely Ghost Dance. I don't know.


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