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    I am a white mom to a partially Native little girl. Her dad is not in the picture and never gave information about his/her heritage when asked, other than "my dad was Mexican and Indian", so I really have no leg to stand on as far as her education and which tribe she might be a descendant from.

    We've been attending Pow Wows since she was about 9 months old as spectators, but as she is getting older (3 1/2), she is wanting to get involved.
    Last Pow Wow we went to we met an elder dancer who encouraged me to allow her to dance in future Pow Wow and who started talking regalia, and gifted her/us an abundance of feathers, beadwork, and ideas for her regalia.
    I have the skills needed to create her regalia, but I have no idea if I can truly "toss" her in the arena so to speak since I do not feel I know enough of the culture/teachings to really help her comprehend how important what she would be doing is. Sadly that Pow Wow was really far from where we live (I was visiting a friend)so I cannot use "grandpa" as a help to teach her.

    What are the rules of the Pow Wows in general when it comes to something like this? As I said I've only ever been a spectator before and it had not crossed my mind to involve my daughter other than in watching until this last Pow Wow.

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    You say you have 3 years attending powwows. Have you said "Hi" to any of the Powwow Moms?

    Introduce yourself, maybe bring some bottled water, or gatorade to put in their ice chest.

    It's up to them to include you...or not...but you should say why you are there at powwow.

    Don't demand anything, just tell them why you are there, and listen.


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      That's a great idea! I will definitely do my best to introduce ourselves. This last Pow Wow was the first where we got involved with the community, it was also my first in the mid west. Previous Pow Wows we attended were in Southern California and seemed, I have to admit, much more difficult to make conversation at.


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        Most powwows have a tiny tot category. A good way to start with not much in the way of "rules". is what it is...


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