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    I'm trying to find more about my native American blood, but the things I know is that the tribe was out of Canada/maine and that my ancestor was the chiefs daughter who married a French trapper. ive tried but that's kinda confusing

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. Do you have any more information that would help narrow your possibilities down, i.e. the approximate timeframe/which generation your ancestor was from? I imagine quite a few tribes lived in the area you mentioned; so people will need more to go on for specific answers. Otherwise, the best way to start is trace your family generation by generation starting with you, then your parents, grandparents, etc. There is a Geneology Forum on here; you may want to post there as well.


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      Thank you Alli3, you took the words right out of my mouth. YOu will get more help and your post will get more attention if you post it in the Genealogy forum. There are many on here that can help and give you good advice.


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