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  • American Indian Artifact thing

    Anyone have any idea what this thing is, it is a strap that is weighted on both ends and in center there is a small bowl attached. I know it is old but what it is I have no idea. Thank you!

    The strap is Native is not African or anything else. My question is, what is it used for?
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    Why do you think it is Native? Do you have any context for the item?


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      African ?
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        Originally posted by wardancer View Post
        African ?
        That’s genuine Yamasee
        When you are dead you don't know that you are dead. It is difficult only for the others. It is the same when you are stupid.

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          I repeat my question: Do you have any context for the item? For example: Where did you get it? When did you get it? How are the two pieces joined together? Why are you certain its Native?

          Over the years I've seen more than few things that collectors modified and then passed on. Sometimes it's done to defraud; sometimes to change an item to be more useful to the owner.

          In the early 60's, my mom taught for the BIA on Prince of Wales Island, when she left she was gifted with a carved model of a canoe made by the uncle of one of her students. At some point, she decided she'd enjoy it more if it was on the diner table rather than in a curio cupboard. She glued four wooden cups inside to hold candles and put in on the table when we had company. (It was fun as a kid during long company dinners to imagine little fishermen in the canoe spearing the odd roll. However, do not use toothpicks to act this out during the meal.)


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            More info

            Sorry about the delay. I got this from a landfill in 1970's in Warwick, RI, it was inside a box of Ponds Cold Cream from the 1920-30's. I dug up a whole bunch of Pond's cold cream..I do not know why there was so many of them, some still in their boxes, they were protected from the dirt by the old refrigerator they were inside of. They still had old dried up cold cream in them. Also in this same area I found a gravy pourer from the Biltmore Hotel marked 1922 . A little deeper down I found lots of old bottles from 19th century, quackery type elixirs etc. I was a kid and I was playing archeologist. I had put it away and just re-found it in my parents garage. I did not find any other Indian stuff in the landfill but I did find and still have a black pottery bottle with label in Chinese which translates as Soy Sauce. The bottle is from 1890's. The Indians we had here were Narragansett, I do not think it is from them.


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              Hello everyone, i am Josh


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