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Female Grass Dancing?

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  • Female Grass Dancing?

    Hello all!

    I am a very feminine lady from treaty 3 area who is looking to start dancing. However, I would really enjoy trying men's grass dancing. I have seen switch dancing before and have been to two spirit pow wows where this is considered acceptable.

    I havent really asked around or know if this would be considered "ok" in traditional pow wow settings. thoughts?

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    Most will not approve , once you've been "found out". There are so many beautiful dances for the females , why not pick one of those ?
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      I think if you go about things the right way, it's fine. I've heard of photos from the 1800s of women grass dancing. Perhaps seek advice from elders in your community


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        I've remember a teenage girl grass dancer during the 90's at the Crow Creek South Dakota powwows. She had her family and community behind her. You would are too old.
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