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Need advise on dance and regalia

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  • The Eagle
    powwow help

    I love to dance and I love powwows
    You can still wear your regalia if you have it
    I wish I could have a regalia but I can't have one
    I don't wear leather or fur
    you should go back to your roots

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  • wardancer
    Greetings and welcome to powwows.calm ! LOL
    Now days the Cherokee People powwow are just like everyone else. They dance in all categories and as most powwows are inter-tribal , and so does everyone else! With that said , most Tribes also have their own private tribal specific dances or ceremonies , exclusive to their tribe.
    Cultural appropriation is not really a huge issue between tribes , it's more about non-ndns taking ndn ways for their own convoluted ideas and bast*dizing them for their own use.
    Learn all you can. Go to powwows and watch first. Make friends and socialize.Then you'll have a better idea about how to join in.
    Also , the Cherokee People do have social gatherings and have their own ceremonial dances. And we don't preform ,we dance. We don't dance for others , we dance for Creator , for ourselves , and for the Drum. It's an expression of thanks for our lives.
    I hope this helps a little bit. Keep asking questions and always compare all the different answers you'll get to the same question ! LOL Good Luck
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  • nova13
    started a topic Need advise on dance and regalia

    Need advise on dance and regalia

    I was never raised in my culture due to being placed in foster care at a young age. I am of Tsalagi, I've been spending time trying to learn more about my culture, and other native cultures as well. And I've had a growing interest in Pow Wows,and would like to preform. I know Tsalagi people did not have Pow wows, but my understanding is that we are still welcome to preform due to us being native. I want to know if this is true. And what kinds of dancing I would be able to without culturally appropriating from other tribes, and the same with regalia.

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