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  • Just trying to figure everything out

    Um... Hi!
    So, my mom grew up on the White Mountain Apache Reservation. Her father was White Mountain Apache, and her mom was Cherokee. When she was 8(?), my grandfather got into a huge fight with the council(again ???) and got the whole family kicked out and wiped from the registry(?)

    I guess I don't have a right to claim Apache, and I'm not sure about Cherokee, but my mom left everything behind, my grandma was a lost bird, and my grandfather is dead. I want to rejoin the culture, but I don't know where to start, after being all but kicked out of two tribes.

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    Welcome to

    I'm going to give you the same advice I give to most folks trying to reconnect. Start with your family. You'll need to find cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. You don't really connect with a tribe per se, but with people. First you will need friends and family to guide you.

    You will need patience and humility to undertake this process. If you're expecting instant Indian acceptance, you are going to be frustrated and hurt. One doesn't rejoin a culture, or in your case two different cultures. You become enculturated. It is a slow process of transformation. It can be bruising. It is a life time work.

    Also my grandfather told me something very useful once: "One learns with the eyes and the ears, not the mouth. The trick is knowing which to shut and when." This can be very useful in Native cultures, where direct questioning may be considered rude, and the areas of polite inquiry can differ significantly from the dominant culture.

    Good luck to you.


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      I do have a recommendation. Get on to the land. You need to understand it to understand your culture.

      While you're taking that scenic drive through the Salt River Canyon, swing over to the Nohwike’ Ba'gowa Museum in the Fort Apache Historic Park off AZ73 at the turn in to Whiteriver. (The prickly pear lemonade at the Arrowhead Cafe is yummy.)

      Fort Apache Historic Park

      Go to the Seneca Lake Recreation Area. Have a picnic and a hike.

      It's really pretty along the East Fork River. But you need to have a local friend to hike around in there, because a lot of it is private property.

      Drive AZ 273 and pull off to see Dził Łigai Sí'án. But don't go hiking or climbing there.

      Mt Baldy

      You can stay at Hon-dah in Pinetop.

      Hon-dah Casino Hotel
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