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  • Okay to draw others?

    Hi there,

    I just wanted to ask if it's okay to bring a sketchbook and draw folks (dancers, vendors, passersby) at a Pow Wow. I usually people watch at malls and stuff but I want to make sure it's not disrespectful to do so at the next one I go to. Thank you!

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    Obviously, if the program says no drawing or sketching, then no drawing or sketching. In the absence of specific directions, I would treat it just like photography. Obey the rules of the powwow. Don't sketch when the AD says no photographs. Ask permission before drawing a person or their regalia. But I would advise you watch and hold the event in your memory.

    Now, pueblos don't like drawings of their doings, even from memory. If you sell or post them you can get in trouble for infringing on their intellectual/spiritual property. It doesn't matter if folks from the pueblo paint or draw dances or scenes of life. Those folks have grown up with the rules and know what they can and can't do. They don't even allow writing about the public sides of ceremonies and dances.

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      Well, if the program says no drawing or sketching then you must not breach it's rules.


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        Also, if possible, it won't hurt to ask the person you want to sketch. If it's a dancer, and you can't ask, (and drawing is ok) just blur the face.
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