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Would you rather dance or be on head staff at a powwow??

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    I'd rather dance at the pow-wow...


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      I'd rather dance or sing... but if asked to be head anything I would do it to the best of my ability... but... would rather sing than anything!

      I became a singer because I love to sing... and to feed my addiction to cough drops!


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        rather be head man or just be singin
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          Best of Both Worlds

          Most of the powwows that I am involved in, I am usually running the sound system. Sometimes I get paid. Other times I do not. (yes I do free sound system stuff sometimes) Most of the time when I do sound, at least my gas expenses are paid for by the powwow comittee. Some powwows consider me part of the staff, others consider me a vendor or contractor. Some just consider me the "sound guy" that's always been here.

          I love to dance as well so it's a tough call. However I think I have the best of both worlds. At any given powwow, I can run sound and dance. No one ever says a word when I leave the sound board and enter the circle to dance. Usually I bring a sound tech with me to help setup and taredown the sound system. We also take shifts running sound so I get free time to dance or just hang out.

          I guess I got it good. I do sound, hang with the drums, dance, usually eat for free, and have free electric for my motorhome and run the air conditioning so I can take a break in comfort.

          However............ When we are doing a powwow CD for the comittee, It's work, work,work. We record all day on Saturday. Then after the evening dance session, when ever that ends, we start the mixdown and mastering process. That can take all night. Then we start duplacation of the CDs early Sunday morning and package them ready for sale before the gates open on Sunday morning.

          I guess you can say that I can "have my frybread and eat it too" except when we do a powwow CD. Then I can only dream about the taste of frybread.

          Oh well! What ya gonna do! LOL
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            I've done both and its hard. I don't know rather I would like to be on the staff or not but it looks like I am again this year. I know for sure I love to dance and that wouldn't change a thing.


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              Head staff

              Well, the best action is to be back in the game. I would rather be an active participant and head staff is really where the action is. INIT



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