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Qualities of the Head Man/Head Lady

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  • Qualities of the Head Man/Head Lady

    If you were searching for Head Staff for your powwow, what would you look for in a Head Man and/or Head Lady?
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    I look for some one who maintains poise(do they carry themselves well) and has good character. I look for a person who looks good, dances well (they don't have to be champion dancers but many could very well be). One who is regularly prompt at other dances, ho doesn't complain about the little stuff. I appreciate a person who is easy going and easy to get along well with, in general. I don't just pick someone with a great large family or gathering, though it wouldn't hurt. I like to ask friends to help and will make new ones. We like to find someone who attends our dances usually regularly if possible. I'd like to think that this would be considered an honor and my way to thank that person for being here to help us in the past.

    I have asked Singers who I know and appreciate their ablilities as a singer. I also have to consider that I have a small budget since my pockets are shallow and thin.


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      Qualities of headman and headwoman

      Well said. I have been asked to be headman and my expectation is work with and for the committee in completing the tasks of the pow wow. Starting with lining up with the grand entry and conducting personal business off the pow wow floor. And dancing all the inter tribals and helping with the specials as needed.

      I stay with the pow wow until the last pow wow minute. I lend a hand with the mundane chores and conduct interviews when needed.


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        It has been a great Honor to serve as Head-Lady every time I have been asked, We get there early and stay until its over, Im all ways thre in case of a special, and I dance all the Intertribals, & specials, I greet the people wether it be POw-wow friends and family or the crowd. The only Time I was late for a intetribal was when I was Nursing our son and I arranged for one of my Nieces to step in for me until we were finnished, and I told the mc and Ad that they were helping me out here and there.
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