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    I've been asked to be head lady dancer at our annual pow-wow, I'm very honored. I'd like to know what people think of me sharing in the cost of the feast for the dancers, drummers, veterns and elders as opposed to having a traditional giveaway? If I do have a giveaway, do I have one only for the trad ladies and all children, or do I include everyone in the circle. Do I also ask the host drum to have an honor song on my behalf? I've never done this before, so I need help & or advise.

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    I like your approach... I'd like to offer my view, if you don't mind :)

    Pick up a few pounds of sweetgrass, have some of the girls in your family braid it up for ya (2 oz goes a long way for alot of people) and get some strawberries, rather than have your own give away, just have these items added into the commitees..

    If you plan on camping, setup a day early, and setup a make shift kitchen, and brew some stew and bring a few loafs of bread, making a late night snack for people on saturday, in my opinion, is better than just 'pitching in' for the feast.. It also allows you to get to know people a little better :)

    Or, just take about 100 bucks, and hit the dollar store, or your local auction house.

    I have donated 1/4 cow before, but still had a give away, I've never had a cookout for people, but I think I'm going to start... I love cooking, and people enjoy what I make, so I think I'll be doing that from now on when I'm head man :)
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      hello first of all I want to say congrats on being asked to be Heald Lady. I have been HL several times and this Jan will be HL . What I like to do is always honor the Vets, Old ones and the chilldren. I aks my family for tobacco ties i give at least one with each gift, For the staff I give a shawl to raffle or auction, I have baskits full of goodies for the drums I always put sure free stuff in my baskits cause I know alot of the guys and gals are diabetic. I also give money towards next yrs dance. The money I get from my special I always give to the drum either I give it all or I split it between the drums it varies on how I feal at the time. I like to throw out candy for da lil ones and the big ones. I could go on and on, lol I do laot of gifting when im headlady. if you have any other questions please feal free to pm me and i will do my very best to help you.
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        I, too want to say congratulations.

        May I offer some ideas, as well. Have a dinner in your camp and invite especially those you wish to honor. When they arrive and eat have your grandkids(at least this is what I do) pass out items specially marked for that person or family. You may want to ask the committee for a short time during the dance. If the Committee agrees arrange with the Headsinger for an appropriate song for your special. After your receiving line give away to the headstaff. I like to do my give-a-ways on Sat evening, which is when the most people are in attendance. We then will have our feed after the evening dance to give to others. You could even go camp hopping and give to others in their camps. Just some ideas.


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          I've always done the pre-dance "camp hopping" thing or, at least, run over to where they're sitting during the Gourd Dance or dinner break to offer gifts to friends/family.

          Then, during the most unobtrusive part of the main dance program, I ask for a quick song and give stuff to the Head Staff.

          At that point, I call it square. :)


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            My son is going to be Head Boy at his community Pow wow: Santa Rosa Days Gathering, Lemoore, Ca. We are going to have a Jr. Boy Dance off special. I will get little things to give to the head staff/committe but we are not having an initial give-a-way. This is his first time and he wants to have a dance off special.
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              I have done both big giveaways and small giveaways. Sometimes I will give a private gift to a young dancer. I always give tobacco to the drums each day/session. What I did for the last giveaway I did for being HL was I gave baskets of stuff to all the drums and also to the powwow committee. Then during the day, my family walked around to all the vendors with gifts. They also handed out gifts to all the dancers and then started with stuff for the spectators. That way, everyone got a gift and it didn't take up any dancing time.
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                I am mostly familiar with Head Lady give aways including a representitive from each Drum Group present, a rep. from pow wow committee, and all Head Staff (MC, Head Vet, Arena Director, Head Man, Jr head dancers if any) etc.
                Trade Blankets are always a nice item to giveaway, and of course, tobacco, sweet grass, white sage....ya know, alla that good stuff. If you find you need to do a large giveaway for all that attend (dancers, etc.) Its good to start collecting things a.s.a.p. I already have started on collecting things, and am not sure when my next giveaway will be , but, I know it will happen.
                Congrats on being Head Lady. Just remember to drink plenty of water out there, and eat! I went one pow wow all day without eating in like 90 degree weather, and being head lady, got sick after circle closed. I make sure I eat now, even if Im to busy to eat a buffalo burger in one sitting. A bite during breaks is good. Gotta love those exhibition dances for that. :)
                Have fun!
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