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    When selecting a princes to represnt your powwow what kinds of things do you consider? What kinds of questions do you ask your contastants?

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    I have worked a lot of pageants as an escort, stage manager, judge, committeeman and emcee. These include tribal, community, university, state, national and powwow pageants.

    To answer your questions, different pageants have different considerations depending on who the princess will represent.

    There are different times during the pageant when questions are asked of the contestants. Some questions are asked informally during luncheons, rehearsals and while waiting, to get to know individual contestants and their attitudes. Formal questions are often asked during closed sessions by a panel of judges. The most difficult questions, in my opinion, are impromtu questions asked in front of a live audience.

    There are no standardized questions and differ according to the judges and committee.

    My advice would be to know the history of your tribe(s), current Indian issues, be able to relate your future goals and be able to tell about the traditional cloths you wear.
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