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  • Chicken Dance

    Well This Dance comes from the siksika nation its one of the oldest dances in southren alberta or tothe blackfoot peeps this dance has many storys behind it its a style of dance that has alot of practice to it and main things to do in this dance to get better are workin at ur foot work trying to be as smooths as u can be it prolly is one of the most uniqie dancin on the pow-wow trial but thats my self i love this dance its my fav and by far one of the best dances fro sure

    so if u see me around the trail Mr Pink(im the one in pink chicken dance outfit or styling in pink!!!
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    "in the northwest they have the round bustle... yeah you are right it's all about footwork in no way is this dance related to the grass or fancy dance. if you dance a lil grass and or a lil fancy and have judges that know the chicken they'll put a big zero on your ballot..."
    words of ray blackwater -blackfoot- on the real powwow trail dvd
    "Go Make Sweat!!!" -Sonny Kennedy- 2003

    don't get mad at me im just a critic


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      Undoubtedly, Chicken (Prairie) Dancing is becoming more popular coast-to-coast.

      I have seen Navaho, Comanche and Lumbee chicken dancers.

      Anybody wanna' venture out and explain this dance? Perhaps the who (tribe/s), what, where, whys and how?
      09-26-2005, 02:25 PM
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      Does anyone know where the chicken dance came from? Ie; the history, dance styles, etc!
      Plus where can i obtain info such as;
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      right to chicken
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      Yesterday at the Pow Wow, I was dancing the Chicken Dance in my Grass Regalia (I was pretty good, If I can say so). I keep hearing mixed messages on the Chicken Dance. Is the Chicken Dance only for Traditional Dancers?
      04-05-2004, 11:39 AM
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