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cleaning icelandic sheep

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  • cleaning icelandic sheep

    my angoras are very dirty and i wanted to know how to clean them please respond and help me!!

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    It will help to sprinkle white talcum powder or baby powder into them and then brush them out. It's not a magic cure all, but it helps!


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      baking soda!!!!!
      use baking soda and a barbie brush
      most other brushes are too hard (i hope you know what i mean...i just cant think of a better way to say it)
      but if you sprinkle baking soda over all of the it in with your hands...then brush it out using a barbie brush (or another really REALLY soft brush) that should do the trick
      works with mine :)
      all real men have both bustles


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        You can also get some dry shampoo from your local dog supply. My mom has a friend who shows Samoyeds in the AKC and the dry shamppo that they market for for dogs works fairly well.

        If you dont have a good animal supply around then you can also find dry shampoo in pharmacies that carry a good line of supplies for the elderly.


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          When I washedmy goats the first step is to comb them out and then wash them in Woolite hang them up to dry and then comb them out again. When storing them use a little baby powder on them.

          hope this helps.


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            brush and woolite


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              cleaning goats

              I dont think i would recommend getting them wet, unless you had the hide protected for water somehow. They will shrink, and that is irreversable.

              Now mine are black, so I dont see the dirt inthem too much. I do brush them, use a bristle style hair brush, and I do that before I dance every time. My whole regalia is kinda dark like that, red and black, so they look good and work well for what I am doing.

              To be honest tho, I dont know what the guys with white goats use to clean them, I have heard talcum powder. I just wanted to input my two cents and warn you that the goats will shirnk if they get wet. The hide will eventually rot from sweat anyway, and I plan on replacing mine once every 3-5 years.

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