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  • Lakota Wiyan
    Grass Dancin W/ Cowboy Hat
    by Lakota Wiyan
    My son is changing from boys traditional to grass this August. He wants to use a cowboy hat instead of a roach. I've seen this a few times around at different powwows, and I was hoping to get some feed back from grass dancers on what you think about this. I think it's cool because he is doing it in...
    07-14-2007, 02:40 PM
  • Pvt Butter
    women's fancy bustle at Red Earth
    by Pvt Butter
    is this really happening? Who's the comp???
    05-28-2007, 11:14 PM
  • Sizzortail_Thurman
    Oldstyle fancy feather
    by Sizzortail_Thurman
    was wondering what everyone thought about "oldstyle" fancy. in recent years ive noticed the popularity of "oldstyle" catagories making a comeback or not really a comeback but noticed alot more dancers dancing this style. even noticed really young kids as well. and i think thats really...
    01-27-2010, 12:50 AM
  • Nimkii Nodin
    how young is too young?
    by Nimkii Nodin
    I'm a 24 yr. old single mother of a 4 yr. old boy who is set on dancing traditional. His father drums with Whitetail and my ex sings with Mskwa Noodin. This has enabled my boy to travel the pow wow trail for the past two years. He's already started his own drum group at his daycare which is so cute!...
    01-30-2003, 02:45 PM
  • Wojapi4Me
    Up and Coming Fancy Dancers
    by Wojapi4Me
    This thread is to list dancers you think have what it takes to be the next "big thing". Off hand, I'd have to say Travis "Thunder" Lovett. Never really met him, but have seen him dance on some videos at some of the bigger pow wows shown on this site, and have seen his name in the...
    08-23-2007, 01:31 PM



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